December 16, 2005

Living in three timezones

Current track: Sarah Khider – Mermaid

Yes, I am fully aware that I haven't written anything on my blog for over a year now. But that's all going to change! Well, at least for a while…
I have no real sense of direction for this post so I'll just ramble on a bit and then you can all leave comments telling me how much you miss me grin

Oh dear, the stupid formatting thing on this 'blogbuilder' will stick that into bold font, won't it? Rubbish! Well, let's see how it goes and maybe I can play around with it later…

So yes, here in Melbourne. Currently 11 hours ahead of everyone in the UK, and 16 ahead of a particular someone in Miami. And it's a total pain in the arse, I can tell you. My laptop clock is still set on UK time as it means I have a better sense of the time elsewhere. Whilst no longer jet-lagged (I travel so much it doesn't really seem to get to me, although this time it took me a day or so to adjust) I still get confused as to what the time is, and even what day it is. Not a good thing, really
Plus, whlist on the subject of time, I just want to mention that Melburnians (yes, I know: "Where did the 'o' go?") are stupid. It's Christmas. Perhaps the busiest time for shoppers in Christian countries all over the world. So when do the shops close? 6pm, if you're lucky; 5 or maybe 5:30 if you're not. It's so annoying to find yourself, in full-flow shopping mode, being kicked out of shops at 6pm. Although at least it means I can get back home for Neighbours

Neighbours! Today was the season finale. It's so weird to think that they have a break between series; as it's something we rarely have to contend with back in the UK. That said, the UK is catching up with Australia in terms of when 'new' episodes are aired; in not too long, I think, we'll have to face the very real danger of having to live without our double-daily dose of Antipodean life (don't talk to me about Home and Away...). Student life as we know it will be destroyed! laughs
On the plus side, the break between series is only three weeks or so, so it could be worse…
I would tell you what happens but I don't want to ruin it for you all. Though the whole of the final week is pretty great. Don't miss it!

So, Melbourne.
It is a really great city, and it's easy to see why it was recently voted as the world's "most liveable" (is that even a word?), together with one of Vancouver and Toronto – I forget which exactly. Would I live here? It is possible. I'm not much of a city person – much as I adore London, I would never live there – but in the districts outside of Melbourne's CBD (I don't think anyone actually lives in what is technically 'Melbourne') you feel a world away from being in a city. South Yarra is a nice area and I love the house we have here. As we have a park at each end of the road, it's cunningly called Park Street; most places in Australia either have Aboriginal names or stupidly stating-the-obvious names ("See those mountains? With the snow? What shall me call them?" "How about, I dunno, the Snowy Mountains?").
Tonight in the Botanic Gardens they were showing Batman Begins. How cool is that? I've got a list of half a dozen films I might go to watch there before I leave. I didn't go tonight as I had planned to see King Kong but it didn't happen in the end; only the cinema in St Kilda was showing it and that's a fair bit away (the closest cinema to us was showing the old, original version of the big ape going, um, ape).
I don't know how long my family will be here though. Plus, Kelli has a long-term plan to live in England once she graduates from FIU and hopefully I'll manage to not screw things up with her long enough to think about living together…
But I would definitely recommend Melbourne to others. I know it's a long way away and it's expensive to get here but it really is a great city, and you can't say fairer than that smile

Talking of living arangements, I think next year I'll be with a couple of girls from my course, Abi and Alison. I don't know Alison but Abi says she's nice and that's good enough for me. It'll be nice to live with Abi at least; I didn't get to know her as well as I should've last year when we were in Dunsmere together but I'm getting to know her better now and she is a really great person. Plus she is a very dilligent worker and that will definitely be a good thing for me as I'll be in my final year.
At the moment I live with Adam and Jill, a couple of engineers. They're both really nice people and I don't regret my decision to live with them this year. There is a chance I'll be living with Adam again next year too, which would be great as he is a proper mate and houselife is good with him. I think Jill mentioned earlier in the term that she'd be with other housemates next year; I'm not offended in any way, and I know that as much as Jill is a great housemate, we don't have much interaction as we seem to be at home at opposing times of the day. Ah well, I know the next two terms at least will be good: not that they can be any worse than the one we've just had, with various bits of the house breaking pretty much continuously…

Hoakie koke, I'll probably leave this here now. Various 'shout outs' to my 'homies':

  • Adam – although he seems even less committed to his blog than I
  • Jill – she is scarily committed to hers
  • Mike - he yelled at me to take pictures of Melbourne and stick them on here (they're on there way, Micky!) and I yelled at him to stick his Barbados pics on his blog... go and yell at him as well grin

Oh! A final thing. The track I was playing at the start of this entry is beautiful. Unfortunately, the song is a pain in the arse to track down. It's from a Chivas Regal advert which might have been shown in the UK too but I've only seen it here… If you can find it, it is well worth it
In fact, I might play it again now…

Current track: Sarah Khider – Mermaid

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    The UK does have a break for Neighbours, for example during Wimbledon and over Christmas – I think we air the same number of episodes per year as in Australia :)

    16 Dec 2005, 14:55

  2. sarah khider

    I´m Sarah Khider. I read what you wrote about the Mermaid´s song. Thanks for your comment. I´m from Paris. I didn´t know Australian people were listenning to the song!

    See you

    30 Sep 2006, 14:13

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