December 17, 2005

Happy birthday Richie Baby… and you too, Geoff

Current track: Letters To Cleo – I Want You To Want Me

So, as mentioned previously, today is Rich’s birthday. The big guy is now 20, and I believe that in his homeland (Up North) this now means he’s become a tribe elder, with a special flat cap of office and his own personal whippet. Or something.
I think he’s going to Walsall and hopefully his beloved Poolies can deliver a celebratory three points for him. Have a great day mate

Today I spent a large part of the late morning and early afternoon trying to find a hairdresser to cut my hair, ready for my parents’ Christmas ‘cocktail party’ tomorrow. After trawling Toorak Road I found a place, “Hollywood Beauty Salon” which, despite advertising itself as a unisex place, did not seem to have seen a male within its walls for quite some time. Ah well, I got a relatively cheap haircut and a decent latte, and the women who work there weren’t too bad – even if the one who cut my hair wandered off halfway through to cut someone else’s hair instead, and then returned to me; not very impressive…

So I got home after that and put on my most rocking-est outfit, as I was chaperoning my sister and her mate to a concert at the Telstra Dome. To be honest, I wasn’t that thrilled to have to do it but I had been coaxed into accepting and now it was too late to change my mind.
We got to our seats – we were in the second seated tier of the stadium – halfway through My Chemical Romance’s act. They were OK, a bit shouty, and I only recognised one song. They made us sing Happy Birthday for Geoff, a crew member, which must be quite an odd thing to be on the receiving end of: a stadium full of rock fans singing Happy Birthday to you.
After MCR came Jimmy Eat World (I wonder if they realised at the time their name is “Jew” when put in acronym form? Oy vey!). I knew three of their songs, which I thought was a pretty decent effort. I preferred them to the first support act, and they played a good set: Mr and Mrs Eat World should be proud of how little James did.
After a huge wait, interspersed with several Mexican waves, came the headline act: Green Dave. I’m not a huge fan of Dave’s work and I wasn’t expecting much of him, to be honest. As he was starting up the first song, ‘American Idiot’, the Telstra Dome’s roof opened and fireworks shot through into the early evening sky. A nice touch. Then came ‘Holiday’, which got everyone onto their feet, and was pretty good. There then followed a procession of songs I didn’t recognise and which sounded pretty similar. ‘Basket Case’ came and went, and I sung along. There was also a nice part with some jazz bits, which was pretty funky.
Near the end was some bizarre medley of covers, including ‘Shout’ and ‘Stand By Me’, but wasn’t too bad. The very last song was a bit disappointing as I didn’t know it and couldn’t sing along. The predictable encore was ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’, which was nice (I kept on slipping into Oasis’s ‘Wonderwall’, as per Party Ben’s ‘Boulevard Of Broken Songs’) and then a cover of Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’, which went down well but I thought was perhaps a little presumptive on Dave’s part. The equally-predictable second encore was ‘Homecoming’, which again I didn’t know so was a bit of a let down after ‘We Are The Champions’. But then the final, final song was a semi-accapella version of ‘Good Riddance’ which was really good and made me think of Daryl and drunk Tom. Dave walked off to a shower of confetti and a really impressive flame-and-firework pyrotechnic display on and above the stage. We left the stadium after this – Dave had been performing for the best part of two-and-a-half hours – and eventually Dad came to pick us up from the Rialto Tower.
Fuck it: I went to see Green Day with my sister and her mate and enjoyed the show. Am I converted? Don’t be ridiculous. I knew a reassuringly small amount of songs – so my taste in music has fortunately not been tarnished by my sister’s – but I’m not thinking about swapping my deebee for all that gee-tarr stuff any time soon.

And that’s pretty much it for now
Like I said, tomorrow we’re having people over for a ‘cocktail party’ and I know I won’t know anyone who comes. Should be a fun evening then…

Just watched Villa-Man Utd; can’t believe it finished 2–0, United were taking the piss near the end and could easily have had four or five
The mighty Addicks play Wigan this afternoon – kick off is in a few minutes but they’re showing Pompey-WBA on Fox Sports instead. As in the second game of the season, we’ve won our last game and the Latics have lost their last one, but I’m not that hopeful to be honest: Wigan have been really good this term and I would think they’re looking at us as the game to get their form back on track. Hopefully my boys will prove me wrong and deliver the three points for a second week in a row
I guess I’ll just cross my fingers for the next couple of hours

Hope y’all are having a nice weekend…

Current track: High Contrast – Twilight’s Last Gleaming

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  1. daryl

    no comment

    17 Dec 2005, 15:41

  2. Chris

    Just when we think you're getting some taste in music Mike, you disappoint us. Horrible stuff deebee, just a load of noise…..

    17 Dec 2005, 15:53

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