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November 23, 2004


Current track: Embrace – Gravity

Well I registered this thing ages ago, thought now would be as good a time as any to actually put something on it. As a History student, I'm soon going to start having to use this for work too, so it makes sense to try it out a bit…

Um well my name is Michael, though I go by Mike and (occasionally) Miguel too. I'm a first year History student, and I'm currently in Westwood accommodation. It's not too bad: the walk to campus is exaggerated and food isn't always totally unpalatable. I can't cook to save my life though, so I am kinda worried about what I'm going to do for food next year.
My family is back in Kent, though soon they'll be moving to Australia, leaving me all on my lonesome *sad* I'll get a couple of free return flights each year though, so it's not too bad really.

Interests? Well, I enjoy watching movies and just chilling with friends, maybe just going to a restaurant or even just meeting up and doing nothing… nice and relaxing. I love football, though I'm hardly the world's greatest player. I have a season ticket for Charlton Athletic but living up here means I do not get to see my beloved Addicks very often.
My real love, however, is music. Man, I can't get enough of it. I'm a huge drum and bass fan, and house is another Very Good Thing. For all you haters: deebee is God's music *smile* That's not to say I don't listen to other kinds of music though; name a genre and chances are I have at least one or two songs on my lappy which I like from it. As you can see, I like Gravity even though it is pretty mellow.

Latest news? Well not too much really. My "friend" (make of that what you will) is coming over from Miami to see me in January, which I am so looking forward to. Although we speak every night (either phone or online) it's not the same; I've not 'seen' her for over three months now, and she means a lot to me. If I keep this blog thing up (for personal, rather than simply work-related stuff) then I'm sure I'll end up posting more about her…

Well must dash. Leave comments if you wish, I may well post again and turn to them for 'inspiration' *laughs*

Current track: Tali – Grey Days

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