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October 18, 2010

Have a break, have a Beer.

Goooood morning, good afternoon, or possibly even good night depending on when you have read this. I'm saying this now, during the weekend I didn't do much. Well, I didn't do much academically I should say. I did do some light reading here and there but on the whole, the weekend was put aside for relaxing, catching up on sleep, and family time so this post will not contain much academic reflection. This doesn't mean I spent the whole weekend sleeping and lounging infront of the TV. It was quite the opposite infact.

I'll start with saturday. After an unusually late wakeup, it was time for the traditional weekend pub trip with my father. Playing pool and darts with family and a pint in hand is definitely a nice way to spend an hour or so. Now before I go further with this tale, I would like to point out something. I play pool more often that my father, fitting in the occasional game with friends. I consider myself better at pool than him. He on the other hand, has many years of experiences with darts, with some a few competitions wins thrown in there. He is without question better at darts than me. What happened saturday however was a turn up for the books. A complete twist whereby he defeated my at pool, and I was the victor at darts. I didn't even win by a small margin, it was infact a whitewash (for those who haven't heard this term before, in this context it means beating your opponent without them even scoring). This was a very very strange result for us, one that made a nice change I have to say.

While in the pub, a few other thoughts also came to mind regarding the change of ownership in our local. The previous manager was not a nice man. He was always bitter towards his customers, never smiled, and did nothing to interact with the pubs patrons, or even see wht they thought about his establishment. He was a perfect example of poor management. The new owner has completely changed the atmsphere in the pub. I find it strage that I'm saying this in regards to a pub, but his management style fits in much more with the EFQM model. He has better relations with the brewery resulting in more investment. By listening to the thoughts of customers he has taken on board many suggestions and pub in place renovations to improve conditions for the customers. He always serves with a smile. And the results have been a better image for the pub in the village, happier staff, more customers and more profit. He even frequently "self assesses" by asking patrons about their thoughts on the changes and any other ideas they may have.  To me this demonstrates that wide applicability of management models, within any industry.

Now, back onto the the none academic stuff. Sunday.... Wow... This was a tiring day. Following 2 years of not playing a single game of squash, jumping straight into a full on game without practice session was exhausting. My legs trembled as I walked around after that. If I were more sensible I would have relaxed abit after this, but instead I went straight to a Kung Fu lesson. My first kung fu lesson infact. As if the pain in my legs didn't suffice, I left the lesson with wrists glowing as red as a tomato and throbbing to boot. Will I go to another lesson next week? Definitely. As the saying goes; no pain, no gain!

Physically drained, but mentally fresh and ready to go, I start the week once more. With many long days in the library ahead of me, all I can say is BRING IT ON!

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