December 07, 2010


Wow, its been a long while since my last blog entry. Let me first explain. Over the past many weeks my free time has been somewhat limited. Infact, that is an understatement in every sense of the word. While juggling Module weeks, projects, PMA work, society responsibilities, paid work, and illness, exhaustion has more than got the better the better of me. Now i'm slowly managing to get back on top of everything, and so have I come back to the world of blogging.

Todays entry is regarding my PMA. While i've spent awhile researching, gathering information and planning how i will put this into the context of the question, i am now in the process of putting pen to paper (so to speak). The more I go about typing up my PMA, the more I realise the interconnected nature of the topic. With As far as my interpretation of the literature goes, application of profound knowledge is a key aspect of transformation into a learning organisation. Every process put in place to facilitate the transformation requires a systemic understanding of the organisation to ensure the methods and processes used are appropriate. This is where profound knowledge really shows the connection. A learning strategy cannot be put in place without knowing how employees will react (knowledge of psychology), knowing how people aquire knowledge (theory of knowledge), what systems are needed to faciliate learning (system thinking) and finally are the improvements from learning due to development of skills or was there some other reason (knowledge of variation). Every literary source I have used thusfar has mentioned the importance of understanding how organisational learning will affect people, the cultural change that underlines it, and the knowledge of the processes needed, so to me it seems they all link with SoPK. Application of profound knowledge is a crucial process that forms the foundations of any learning strategy that is to be applied to drive towards the creation of a learning organisation.

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  1. I feel your pain! The last few weeks have been a serious struggle for me too – I doubt there’s too many others trying to work a part-time job, and with good reason… it’s clearly suicidal! And being sick a lot of last week meant I was essentially denied the weekend, as I had most of my writing still to do!

    I did this question too, for me the biggest thing to come out of my assignment was seeing that systems thinking plays a huge role in successful LO’s – Deming and Senge certainly would agree, and who’d argue with them! So in that respect, SOPK can have a huge part to play.

    I think it falls down a bit in Theory of Knowledge though – for me it doesn’t go far enough in describing the different levels needed: personal, team and organisational, or place enough emphasis on their need. I kind of feel like EFQM is the same in that regard, when trying to deliver the transformation.

    I guess you’re the one who’s had the copy of Deming’s New Economics I’ve been wanting another look at for the past week ;-)

    07 Dec 2010, 14:55

  2. My God this is my topic…. Guys i am confused….. There are so much to write and to say….. I need more than 5000 words…... Really can it be one correct answer to that topic.. Everything leads to something else and then again back…. And you are writing with no end….. I will not speak about Senge and Deming for the rest of the year…........... hahahahahahahahahahahahah

    07 Dec 2010, 23:35

  3. I guess that’s part of the challenge. I have never been someone to write a lot, so I did it in 3,600 words, although that was probably more to do with a lack of time than anything else ;-) I think I answered it quite well. Just remember, it’s only a PMA, not your project, cut yourself off after 40 hours! You can’t make it perfect in that time.

    And Vagelis, the day you stop talking about Deming is a sad day for us all :P

    08 Dec 2010, 15:25

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