November 04, 2010

Apathy and Lathargy

" It's what makes you 'That Guy' "

This line from a film came into my mind yesterday. Some of you may recognise it, some of you may not. Its from a the latest of the Die Hard film.

This came to my mind from the apathy I witnessed last night in a very unexpected place. It was my first engagement representing my course as SSLC rep and turning up at the meeting I expected everyone to be eager to take responsibility and get involved. It seems that wasn't exactly the case. While people did want to contribute to the discussions at hand, the responsibilities of chair and secretary were not sought after. In fact, it seemed these positions were appointed by virtue of myself, and one other, taking the roles despite our already staggering number of responsibilities because nobody else would. This brings me onto the quote. What makes an individual that guy. The willingness to do what is necessary, regardless of the challenges involved, the absense of apathy to get involved, and the lack of lathargy to make it happen. That is what makes you that guy! These traits are ones that I am proud to say I have readily observed in all my colleagues on MBE. If something needs doing, there are always individuals that will take the task head on. Being "that guy" demonstrates the qualities needed to take on the challenge of leadership and be one of the people shaping the future. I believe that everybody I know on MBE, had they been there would have done the same, taken the responsibility to do what is needed. Being surrounded by people who are all "that guy" definitely makes for a fun working environment.

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  1. Yap I totally agree, I do not know why, but I have the feeling that our course is something special. Most of the people in MBE are there to get things done. Quite often that needs engagement and therefore more work for oneself. I really like that people in our course are like that, but what is about the balance I am always looking at? You cannot always do the work and you cannot do the whole work. So how you gonna handle this? There is a group and nobody wants to take the tasks. As I said you cannot do anything but how can you motivate the people in that kind of situation?? I sit finally the responsibility of the chairman to just decide?? But what happens then to the democracy?
    At the moment I am glad that we do not really have this problem and nearly every one is read-hot. But that will probably change in the future?!

    05 Nov 2010, 09:31

  2. Sounds like a tough year for you but as a future leader you’ll have a nice chance t get used to that! :D
    BTW keep blogging about the meetings – I guess it’s a good way to announce stuff.

    07 Nov 2010, 22:35

  3. Thanks for all your comments! That is a very good point raised Jan. What indeed can you do in that situation! And to further complicate the what to do issue, you mentioned the idea that the chairman will initiate decisions if none are made, but what if you are in a position where you participate in a meeting where the chairman does not exercise drive and stimulate the meeting if it has begun to stagnate?! In that situation, would you subtly attempt to steer the meeting that you are not chairing, or would you feel that would be overstepping your boundries?

    Fingers crossed this is an extreme situation that wouldn’t happen very often; and thankfully in MBE thats an issue we definitely don’t have to worry about!

    Marcin, I will definitely be posting the more about the meetings, and will at some point tomorrow post a brief summary about issues raised in the last meeting. The actual minutes will also be made available once they have been ratified by the entirity of the SSLC committee.

    08 Nov 2010, 22:41

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