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April 08, 2011

Presentations – one for all and all for many

So... the presentations... what did I learn...

To be honest, thats a very hard question to answer. While numerous presentations on knowledge and asset management contained similar points, they were all completely different and had vastly different focusses. Some expanded more on the tools for resource utilisation, some delved very deeply into knowledge management and the systems and culture it requries. This is why saying what exactly I learned is hard. So much was covered is such a short space of time that more than learning about specific implementations of assets management techniques I should say that I have once again witnessed the vastness of this topic, but in this I have seen numerous techniques applied that we had not even considered and that if/when I'm put in a situation where awareness of these is required I have a headstart of what I can consider and look into. Rephrasing, like much of MBE, this module has given me an insight into whats available in the field of knowledge and asset manageent without delving too deeply into any of them. This depth is something for me to go find out where-ever I see fit.

Prepare and Practice

Well, today was our KBAM presentations. More on that the post presentation points in another blog though. Right now I'd like to talk abit about portfolio preperation and pratice.

Point 1. Portfolio preperation

Its quite amazing that when researching a topic and making notes about it how much information you actually cover. Starting to put together the portfolio of research evidence and expansion of presentation information you begin to see how much work actually goes into every topic people research into. For just 2 out of 11 sections that were part of our knowledge and asset management presentation the portfolio came to about 8 pages of detailed information. Putting that into perspective, together that was about 5 minutes worth of presentation time. Putting together a portfolio is like a mini project on its own. So many details need to be covered that expand on the rather basic ideas what you're presenting.

Point 2. Practice

Some people say last minute practice of presentations doesn't work. Some swear by it. I am of the latter. Now don't get me wrong, last minute practice should not be your sole practice session for any presentation but last minute practice still has much that you can gain from. While all week we worked towards our KBAM presentation, every time we went over the material again areas for improvement were spotted and this was true to our last run through 1 hour before the presentation. Looking through various aspects of knowledge management and how to explain the necessity of leadership in creating a learning culture, or taking knowledge and asset management and streamlining how we see it fits into the framework of EFQM, all these point noticed in last minute presentation that add to all the changes already that were implemented. I could possibly say that this is an example of knowledge management in itself. Information is learned and applied to create new knowledge. This new knowledge worked into the presentation then creates a further situation from which lessons can be learned and applied, further added to knowledge accumulation in the group.

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