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April 07, 2011

Here a link, there a link, everywhere a link.

I'm noticing that in Knowledge and Asset Management, every topic seems linked in someway to another. This just compounds the complexity of the topic. Discussion with my team members we start to see overlaps in the themes we're covering, take for example Health and Safety, the management of assets relating to health and safety issues links to facilities management in that the H&S aspects must be considered in the planning of assets in terms of facilities. Facilities management in turn can be linked to maintenance because the requirements and processes for maintance involve all aspects of assets, including buildings. The more all the topics are developed the more these links build up. Then to add to it, the links are then developed between asset management and knowledge management. Its all interconnected!

Not only though are topics of KBAM linked, but they are also related to everything we've done this year so far!!!

Environment management --> Corporate social responsibility
Reactive maintenance --> Six Sigma

The list goes on and on and on....

KBam goes the theory

KBAM (Knowldge Based Asset Management) is huge. Absolutely huge.

Preparing a presentation seems like an imporssible task. At first glance theory of KBAM seem  simple, a few basic point that need to be considered when managing assets. But everytime you look at one you realise how much more to it there is. Every idea can be expanded on, developed, linked to other. The more you read, the more the contents of theories for KBAM grow in your mind. Take for example maintenance, that exapands into theories such as TPM (total productive maintenance), RCM (reliability centred maintenance), PM (predictive maintenance). Then each of of these in themselves are a vast topic. And if you want to build in a practical approach to implementation for the theories in a specific context.... well....   then you're pretty much into thesis levels of detail.

This is the problem. A 20 min presentation for applying KBAM to an organisation! Its a challenge to say the least, but does provide good heated discussions of what to prioritise and how to implement the theories.

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