October 29, 2009

efqm and ISO 9000

Todays presentations on EFQM VS ISO 9000 gave an understanding how a company can achieve excellence. Some useful points observed are the following:

In applying EFQM in an organization: will lead to self evaluation that is getting to know the organization's strengths and weaknesses, finding out measures to improve sustainability. It takes into account qualitative factors. It basically tells how can companies improve? How fast they can improve? Since devising measures to improve leads to realisation of where the company stands currently and how fast changes can be brought into. Self evaluation comes within the management. EFQM provides a balanced approach and includes a qualitative factors.

ISO9000 Auditing is assesment of quality management system. It consists of an external audit or an internal audit conducted by an independent body. It tends to look at the financial figures and the manuals of the policies and proceedures available. Its a third party analysis. A management letter given by the auditor provides points/ advises but are not substantial for major improvement. It might suggest corrective process or policies to be used.

If a company is in a kiosk then ISO 9000 will provide a basic structure, building organization to fix/improve the buiness.

Auditors audit on the basis of manuals set by the company. They dont have a clue in most cases about the company. They give an opinion on thier findings.

ISO 9000 is much more implementable but EFQM encourages a new future not merely fixating on the present.

Applying ISO 9000 to a company will bring it to average standards but implying the EFQM model will lead to innovation and creative learning and progress towards excellence.

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