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January 10, 2006

Too much Shakespeare?

Just in case I had any doubt that this was the final year and that it all gets harder in the last one, I can most positively ascertain that I'm there. It can't get crazier than this, I hope.

Was supposed to go back home on Friday as my presence had been requested, nay demanded, for a night of drinking and dancing on Saturday night. Unfortunally, six hours of driving really wasn't appealing and deadlines and applications kept me here. Think its the first weekend I've not been out. My social life has been officially put on hold until at least Monday!

I have two essays in for Monday 5,000 and 3,000. The first is nearly done, the second isn't. It's all planned, its going to be great. Just need to find some time to write the thing.

Have however completed two applications today and will get another signed and sent tommorow hopefully. It's proving quite hard to juggle applications, essays, films and reading. Ugh.

Watching Chimes at Midnight. Everyones talking about it and had to watch it for Special Topics. Not a bad production. Could tell it was Orson Welles. But, it was black and white. I'm a colour junkie, what can I say? Its just not the same. Caught myself writing inspirational notes such as "Falstaff looks like Father Christmas" and "Long battle Scene" five minutes later "Very long battle Scene" .. you get the picture. Think the tiredness is having its effect.

On a positive note, I'm looking forward to my seminars from 10 to 5 tommorow with an hours break in which I'm meeting friends. I really don't have a moment to spare at the moment. Even housemates are commenting that I'm working hard…

Wednesday I've got some training in Birmingham. I'm hoping its going to be useful. Least it'll be a break from the Shakespeare.

NYE, although a while ago now, was a really good night. Noone was around at home, all having swanned off abroad or to various other parts of the country, so decided to come back to Cov and celebrate instead. We donned medical uniforms, think Doctor and Nurses and the eight of us looked quite the part. Overall a good night!


November 24, 2005

Othello: let them use us well…

Sitting in front of the third and final version of Othello that I have to watch this week. Somehow I managed to watch the worst one first and the best one last – which is nice. Although, I'm slightly bored with watching the same film three nights running.

I love this line, it sums up Emilia well … and is perhaps more fitting to our contemporary lighter hearted views to singledom/sex:

"Nor I by this heavenly light, but I might do it in the dark."

After this we're going to Tesco – late night shopping trip, reminiscent of the first year. Feeling quite nostaglic about the first year. Would love for everyone to move back into JM for a fortnight to live together again – it would be fun, if not very strange. Would love to start again uni from the beginning. Realised we were halfway through the final year last night – scary feeling. It's almost time to start applications; I've been putting it off till the holidays but we're almost there!! Three days left of uni!!

Anyway, Othello's about to "put out the light" – I should watch this scene. Adieu.

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