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December 31, 2004

Reading update..

Just finished Great Expectations, it took me under four days to get through it.. aiming to read just 100 pages a day.. if I take this approach to the other novels this term then I should get along fine.. now moving onto Middlemarch - its a pretty long book.. but hopefully if I read it in one go, rather than stages like Tom Jones it'll pass quickly enough.

Great Expectations was a much easier read than Tom Jones , and I probably enjoyed it more due to the lack of huge addresses from the author.

December 28, 2004

Finally; Fielding to Dickens..

I finally finished Tom Jones last night, all 971 pages of it, and had a dilemma… to start either, Red and the Black (from last term) or Great Expectations (for next term).

Dickens won, and in contrast to Fielding its proving to be an easy read, page 75 already.. out of 443.

Reading these so many novels in this way, you can't help but realise im counting the pages till i finish them, not cause im not enjoying them, but that i know theres about ten more to read… and i haven't even started on the other modules..

December 26, 2004


Writing about web page

who'd think that one single event could affect so many people..

December 23, 2004

It's been a while..

So, she begins, its been a while..

..yeah, I have no idea where the last two and a half weeks have gone, well… perhaps I do, I spent the first week packing, unpacking and appointment-ting.. the second and a bit weeks skiing (and if we don't mention the 'little accident' everything will be ok) and then the last few days seeing friends – ie. Iz's 19th, shopping in Col, and meeting up with Sarah, Nick et al. (Simi, Emma, Ian, Yves) today in London.

With one day until the festivities _officially _begin (they don't till Dad finishes work, apparently) that only leaves the pile of uni work left to begin, to reflect on. Ugh. I'm still trawling through Tom Jones, yes, that was supposed to be read for Week 3.. and on page 587, i can't help but feel im being cheated out of the 'I've finished that book' feeling, at least twice... I mean just how many novels can you say, yeah page six hundred, of pretty small print, and I'm almost two thirds of the way through. Ugh ugh ugh. It's a good novel and all, but I wish Fielding would quit explaining the most ordinary of things in quite so much detail. One can't help but feel that the introduction chapters of each book, for which he half apologises, half explains, could just have been cut out. And if they all quit stopping at every inn they went to, and stopped talking to random people everywhere they went, I can't help but think that they would get on their journey quicker, and get together quicker, which lets face it has been obviously from at least pg 100, thats 500 pages ago.. and still 300 pgs to go!! You can see I'm just counting the pages… if i had the leisure to read this (arguably I've taken my time, but leaving a few novels seemed the only way to keep afloat this term) then perhaps it would be a more enjoyable reading experience.

Anyway, enough whinging about it and more reading .. if only it didn't make me feel sleepy everytime i sat down to read it…

December 05, 2004

Bleurghing .. what is it??

"and if i am i'm bleurghing or doing some form of work…"

M: and whats bleurghing?"
oli:its a word, i invented it (obviously)

its when you feel really tired or whatever and you just chill out when feeling bleurgh)

so in summary, a dictionary definition would be "a time period assigned to recover from a bleugh like state, see also de-bleugh"_

M:i like that

So there you have it, courtesy of Oli H. (..hello..!)

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