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November 28, 2004

Only on essay days..

Its only on essay days that printers decide to go crazy and print the bits below the line, ie. the tail of the g the y, the bottom bit of p, in PINK, in PINK!!!

GRR.. trying to stay calm and get it sorted..

The Essay Avoidance Tactic with a Kick of Conscience

I thought i created an entry earlier, and then i realised i started to but deleted it. I'm doing that a lot this morning. I've typed out an email to my tutor twice now, and each time i get half way through, decide I already know the answer and delete it. It's a pretty logical process actually, its called the Essay Avoidance Tactic with a Kick of Conscience .. so i start doing something, realise I have a 2,500 word essay for tommorow to write and then stop. Repeat ad fin..

I started writing this essay, huh, no, entry for a reason, but now it escapes me and i feel a need to write about Kant's stance on religious reasoning, or maybe not quite but nearly, so i need to find something less _scary _to do before i start…

Proscratinating again.. hmmfff ...

November 27, 2004

I'm game, if you are..

Follow-up to Entry needs a title ?! from Meanderings of a wandering mind..

Just realised that the random things in the middle sound like a game.. connect these words to form a story.. y'know the kind we used to play back then..

I'm sending a SOS to the world, i hope that someone gets my message...

Entry needs a title ?!

Its been a *odd *couple of days; involving Tequila, the AA, Coventry Station, Trivial Pursuit, The Incredibles, and in the vague background an essay due monday; ive basically found one common theme running through them – me being stressed.

I've been *planning *this essay all day, and its finally time to take a biiig breath and start it. I just attempted the library, but due to my incessant coughing, i decided it was just too unfair to inflict that on the healthy side of the Warwick Population, thus after a dismally short period of time I relocated to Leamington… sigh… only to start again …

Here goes..

November 21, 2004


4 out of 5 stars

After finding the Blockbuster in Leamington, we got out two films on friday. Troy – seen once at time of release as Epic Tradition "revision"...

Watched this film last night, pretty good.. memories of the American West for GCSE History.. :)

Essay… update..

Follow-up to Essay – an attempt.. from Meanderings of a wandering mind..

I decided at 2pm that after writing up to the word limit that i deserved a break, almost three hours (and a trip to Asda ..) later im ready to pull it apart and check it.

Everyone seems to write their essays in different ways – i type as i think and then scribble all over it, other people seem to deliberate over each sentence for hours and then when they've finished typing, they've actually finished…


Mumps Email

Follow-up to Mumps… from Meanderings of a wandering mind..

An email about the mumps vacine appeared in my inbox yesterday, it seems the university is finally doing something about it. Something still makes me wonder how it could be so far behind other universities and let 160 cases develop before anyone heard about it..

Essay – an attempt..

So i've woken up on a sunday morning to be greeted by the fact that my assessed essay for tommorow really does need to be written today, i worked on it for a lot of yesterday but the prep seemed to take ages, and the fact i had to change the passage really hasn't helped.

So, at 10.34am only a few things to do before i attempt the essay … and finish it… soon, hopefully..

Watch this space.

November 19, 2004


So, after the rising number of cases of mumps around the country, helpful suggestions from my mother and the fact a friend of a friend has mumps, I decided to get myself registered at a Leamington doctors and have the free injection.

The nurse told me theres 160 cases of it at Warwick, and that the uni is setting up a programme for vaccination. It seems rather slow off the mark though since a lot of other universities around the UK have been vacinating for a while now.

In any case, I've had it now – apparently i may get a fever or rash within the next twelve days… nice…

bq. Published: 02 November 2004
Mumps hits university campuses
Universities are setting up mass vaccination programmes and writing to students advising them to have the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) jab as an epidemic of mumps threatens to sweep campuses across the country. Almost 3,000 students and young people could be infected with mumps by the end of the year if trends continue. This compares with only ten in 1996. Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Kent, Nottingham and Birmingham are among those following the advice of local public health agencies in taking steps to protect students.
Daily Telegraph

Link to Guardian Article

November 16, 2004

Why is the library soooooooo noisy…??

Why is it that the only time I visit the library to work (probably the third time in two years) that every single noisy person, hammer, drill, squeaky door and object, unite with one sole purpose to annoy the hell out of me so I spend all my time wondering how the noisy person/hammer/drill/squeaky door/object is:

(i) making so much noise,
(ii) allowed to make so much noise in a SILENT area of the library
(iii) when on earth they are going to stop…

Another inexplicable fact was the lights kept going on, then being turned on again, and off, and on, and off… you get the idea… (why??)

_And I'm supposed to concentrate on LCT reading in that..?? _… phfff…

I therefore *relocated *myself to various parts of the Arts Centre switched the dry essays for Emma, and preceeded to read in comfort, till my eyes started blurring the words… Still only on page 124 though, which is a bit poor, but loving it all the same… Poor Harriet..

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