November 22, 2005

Destined to Witness

Every diary ends with a death. This doesn't have to be a human life, though it often is, but it invites an end. Doesn't everything. We were given a presentation on Children's Wartime Diaries in WW2 today and its incredible to think of the scars the innocent, vulnerable children had to bear growing up and trying to make sense of the confused world. Many talk about a sense of purpose and perhaps thats why we write.

Macha Rolnikas:
"In order to feel my powerlessness a bit less and not to think of the torture that is caused by each step, I go on mentally writing my journal."

Perhaps thats what we all do, write our journal, as we go through life. We write, mentally and physically, just as the world writes onto 'us'.

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  1. Adair

    There must be something in the water tonight. The most recent entries before and after this one are called "die" and "rejection"!

    I'm not sure that everyone (particularly the male species) finds solace and release in writing. Though I appreciate the irony that to convey this opinon, I am writing it down.

    I must say that I'm glad I don't have to study "childrens wartime diaries". Though I appreciate that it is important to do it and not deny the horrors that have occured and still occur sometimes – it does not make for a particularly fun monday morning lecture I'm guessing. Yee-ha for science etc!

    On a lighter note, I think I'm going to buy a journal for my sister as it's her 16th birthday next week and I've been assured by people who have once been 16 yr old girls and journalling is where its at.

    22 Nov 2005, 01:11

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