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November 16, 2004

Why is the library soooooooo noisy…??

Why is it that the only time I visit the library to work (probably the third time in two years) that every single noisy person, hammer, drill, squeaky door and object, unite with one sole purpose to annoy the hell out of me so I spend all my time wondering how the noisy person/hammer/drill/squeaky door/object is:

(i) making so much noise,
(ii) allowed to make so much noise in a SILENT area of the library
(iii) when on earth they are going to stop…

Another inexplicable fact was the lights kept going on, then being turned on again, and off, and on, and off… you get the idea… (why??)

_And I'm supposed to concentrate on LCT reading in that..?? _… phfff…

I therefore *relocated *myself to various parts of the Arts Centre switched the dry essays for Emma, and preceeded to read in comfort, till my eyes started blurring the words… Still only on page 124 though, which is a bit poor, but loving it all the same… Poor Harriet..

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