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April 06, 2005

Reading Update

Reading Schmeading

Finally finished Middlemarch, one of the few "adult novels" according to Virginia Woolf, but what does she know? And does "adult"define boring? Does boring mean its a more mature type of novel?? Maybe the longer it takes to read, the more adult it gets – a bit like cheese. It was a good novel, in parts, but the length just made it impossible. I think its the kind of novel you need to read when you're 30, sitting down on a Sunday afternoon, in desperate search of mental stimulation when you still haven't decided to make the plunge and get yourself some kids. Anyway, I finished it, but couldn't help thinking maybe it would have been better if I hadn't been studying it right now. Its this bizarre way that we've, or maybe just I, have taken to reading. The page-turner way and not in a good way.. the way when you know exactly how many pages you have left to go and how many you need to read to get to (a) the end, (b) the next part, (c) the next chapter, (d) the next 100th page, (e) the next 10th page, (f) the next even number page… And when you, or again, maybe just I, am sitting/lying there trying to read.. you can't help thinking that this page turning/counting .. isn't quite the way that I thought I'd be reading for my degree. These are major and brilliant novels, and I can still appreciate them, but I wish I had an infinite amount of time to read them.. Anyway I finished Middlemarch this week. And I'm starting The Red and The Black, and the next week I'm going to be reading Orlando. The first week of the hols it was Germinal, brilliant book, and second week, Crime and Punishment .. so I'm doing a novel a week, and almost sticking to it.. we'll see. Then I'll have finally got this module up to date.. and i've done my LCT reading.. Just then need to do 10,000 of essays * ouch * and catch up my reading for PS and C17th.. sigh..

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