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March 21, 2014

Robust Decision Making post presentation reflection

During this week we worked as a constructive group towards selecting robust tools. Every morning our productivity increased towards as no one slacked at his or her work, most importantly had creative input to relate to our presentation. Therefore we invested exact 20hours of work strategically towards our goal, which was to provide WaveRiders with consultancy of choosing amongst two locations.

Our group work was divided in equal and we all managed our selves well to avoid discomfort between our selves. This involved at first selecting each tool and discussing their applicability in the situation stated by the case study of WaveRiders.

Secondly, the next day post analyzing individually reasoned with each other on why the specific X, Y, Z tool dint seem fit/ appropriate for our presentation. This way we ensured that no tool should be left un-explored as they all lead to a robust decision. Henceforth our rigorous analysis was based on rational justification for each tool and its application for the situation.

Furthermore, despite our justification for the selected tools for choosing a location and keeping in mind the importance of marketing we felt a need for creativity. In other words something to add in the presentation to show groups professionalism. This was further worked on by designing our consultancy logo (capsule) and the fishing speedboat of WaveRiders. The logos purpose was to cater the marketing aspect as well as professionalism of a consultancy firm, which we considered our selves to be. Once the presentation slides were compiled we practiced them to attain time efficiency for the big day (Friday).

Lastly, in today’s morning we presented with thorough knowledge on the robust tools selected. Thus came confidence in what we had to propose for WaveRiders!

I personally enjoyed myself working at par with my group mates as we all shared cooperation and patience to understand each other’s opinion. I believe from such commonalities comes productivity that results in a good experience in regards to working with each other.

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