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February 19, 2014

Practical & ideal Leadership continues

We can see false leadership practices every where and I experienced them in my brief job with Guinness World Records and I saw how brown nosing is common to get an appraisal, paid leave and ultimately a promotion. The people that I talk about in the organization of Punjab Sports Board actually just sipped tea all day and made strong connections with visitors so that they can branch out if they want to, which is fine to think that way but simultaneously should aim at investing sufficient hours of work at the current place of work. My point is to value where you are but they tend do the opposite cause they are not being valued. Therefore had formed the belief of being stereotypical about their methods to become successful.

I had three assistants to work with and what I did was that I created a different working environment to perform and worked with them based on mutual consensus, away from the polluted political environment at office and at the field doing fieldwork. They reflected by saying that they enjoyed working with me and by the end dint mind getting their hands dirty. In other words they along with my self learned work ethics and methods in office and at field, which is the real world out there. Probably the contrast allowed us to draw a conclusion on what we preferred. Now I can relate in a better manner on what my instincts and inborn skills lead me to do but I wish I knew all what I have learned up till now to apply my knowledge for better results.

When we started thinking brainstorming about it we noticed how tricky of a topic it is. More importantly I realized that attending classes from 5months made me such a value oriented leader in the making that I couldn’t think deviously.

But as we all rattled are minds we could come up with sensible solutions that we presented about in class. In the practical world politics can be mitigated but not eliminated and therefore proving a point through your actions is the most important fact when changing others views of sucking you into their politics. Furthermore, I believe it’s a vicious chain of politics that runs from top to the bottom of the hierarchy and the real politics is being practiced up their by the directors and all.

February 14, 2014

Compliance level to motivation level

In the last class of this week, I further refined my knowledge on how can a leader focus on being respected as a person yet alone a his/ her position. After doing so we can motivate our followers/ employees to excel above the 70% compliance level towards the voluntary

Further more a very important factor came across in class that I personally experienced and relate to as well. Paul said it’s very important for the leader to have connections via socializing on a professional or personal basis if preferred. Therefore it again refers to the increase from 70% of compliance level to voluntary level.

Adding on to the factor of compliance level, as emerging leaders we should look forward to create an environment where employees are allowed to make mistakes. This results in innovation, creativity at its best.

Henceforth by doing so we have an organization that has a thinking power of 1000 people rather than 1 person being power hungry. The power of decision should not be controlled.

Another important factor of leadership highlighted is to acknowledge employees who are good at their job but are just not good enough for promotion in the company that they operate. Henceforth it’s the moral duty of a leader to tell him/ her the position they currently are at and make them aware before hand.

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