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October 27, 2013

Accountants replace leaders?

On the 25th of oct we discussed in our last class for CBE how organizations depend more than its required on accountants which results in long-term catastrophe. Paul in class told us what behaviors do accountants drive;

  • Shutdown training & maintenance when there is an industrial crises

Ø When training shuts down employee’s skills set is at halt and when the industry reboots there are less capable workers in the market

Ø When maintenance is compromised then the industry less capable to compete in the future market.

Accountants are managing the monetary aspects of the organization; they should be consulted but not to be taken as leaders. Leader may never take this decision knowing the implications that will be devastating for the company in the long run.

Its not rocket science to figure out the solution to distinguish between Leaders and Accountants.

“Common sense becomes common practice” Paul Roberts

But when? The answer to this is our attributes yet to be seen in the future as change comes from ourselves first and the other when they follow.

Improved leader

The power of the ‘chair’ that a CEO holds as a supreme leader in an organization reflects a huge responsibility on him/her. It’s very commonly seen that with power comes insecurity that should not exist but it does. In detail if we look at the causes that reflect such insecure behavior, we analyze that the top managers or CEO keep vital information from the employees so that they shall have the importance to a greater extent than they already do. Therefore they (top officials) create a barrier, which is high and thick enough for them to stay hidden and remain unapproachable.

This attitude promotes no involvement of the workers and employees and eventually results in an unsuccessful business practice. Whereas the aim should be to promote a learning organization with employees contribution towards the organization success.

I am glad we came across these noticeable yet commonly avoided issues in today’s business world. A leader what we all intend to be need to have unique qualities of being a go getter and the one who does not hesitate on bringing managers and employees on board for a reasonable argument and achieve solutions on various pressing matters of short and long-term. Therefore allow employees to be apart of the organization’s vision.

In short it’s not the position that a CEO holds but the personal power that he/ she holds matters.

A leaders point of view should be flexible yet determent by concentrating on the enablers which leads to a prosperous results. Most importantly concentrate on the cause and affect relationship with other organizations. But we further argued and refined this view point of following no one and set our own precedents as we are better, improved leaders of tomorrow in search of a revolution.

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