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May 28, 2014

KBAM planning

In todays first meeting me along with my group mates kept our objectives clear from the beginning. Baring the importance of time in mind our first objective was to record all our findings by adding it in the portfolio.

The second step was to allocate management tool after selecting them of every member’s interest amongst group mates, thus stimulating productivity. This allows us to save time and set our deadline a week before the presentation so that we can amend any glitches in the last week if found.

I think Anne is a great leader who has the drive, focus and patience to bear with her group mates plus welcoming to every ones ideas, this allows us to operate cohesively. We have drafted a flexible plan that will help us to stay on track.  

KBAM day 1

My take on the todays brief about KBAM is that it’s a vast module in which the two vital components ‘asset management’ and ‘knowledge management’ complement each other. In class I understood the objective of why knowledge management is important to carry out numerous processes in an organization. We further touched upon the topics such as facility management and what should be considered in order for us to stay consistent in our process.

My view towards the two terms were automatically linked with our previous lectures in the respective modules. I guess the practical understanding formed in previous modules can now be rightly placed or linked with knowledge engineering management and the result that this process if carried affectively can achieve for the organization or initially from the group that operates cohesively.

The goal of the organization is usually aimed to reach economies of scale or similar and employees working towards it in a cohesive manner, which allows them to use all resources in their power to stay cost effective.

My efforts towards my group are to follow the leader’s instructions, contribute to make a difference; in short all steps will be taken towards reaching the designated task referred to Wave Riders aims and objective by managing time efficiently. Time=currency, which needs to be allocated effectively along with any other given resource/ s.

This module helps me emphasize on what I have covered thus far in MBE. Most importantly, time management for the up coming group meetings, presentation and the key benefit of knowledge management of balancing everything while being in the midst of a rigorous module like such and threatening deadlines.

Looking forward to cap my time here at MBE with a KBAM!

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