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July 12, 2014

KM & Security Continuum

In this week my understanding about security continuum has increased along with how to integrate it with knowledge management. Its is rather difficult to find relative articles in which both aspects are talked about. Hence it is quite comprehensive on how to take knowledge management and security continuum and talk about their benefits, which WaveRider’s will experience.

Furthermore, KM exists in the form of tangible and intangible assets. Along with its primary source which is known as tacit and explicit knowledge and that usually companies do not focus on this knowledge yet alone manage it. Therefore the realization of knowledge comes first that exists in employees and processes and later valuing it plus managing it.

Security continuum comes in play with its importance of securing this knowledge that is stored in data banks and servers for employees to use and update. Both the virtual and physical aspects of the security is valued in organizations and there correlation should not be undermined with KM.

To keep the knowledge secure is prime reason why entities in business with companies like such happy. This is due to the authentic knowledge and vital information being kept secured by the an organization and has positive implication for let say suppliers and other business man to feel satisfied that their classified information is not under any kind of threat.

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