March 21, 2014

Channeled Success

During this week, I was engulfed in literature review. My thoughts matured to a refiner stage and came across the strategy to apply in my PMA. My pace hastened but as I read more new thoughts unravels for my decision of selected theories. Therefore I find my research more authentic than before. The basic essence of WaveRiders problem is sales and everything that it affects, over-production leading to excessive stockpile. The theories I selected are advising the CEO of the company and the HR Director both and with the second solely concentrating HR Director. I think thus far in my PMA that before selecting the second theory one should be particular n what lacks in the first theory that the second one can cover, further directs leadership style and diversifies the selected Director. Therefore, it appears to be much sensible on how leadership can be improved by a personal connect with the employees and yet directs them towards goals to be achieved. In a nutshell it suggests that both the long-term & short-term goals and aims are important and leadership theories suggested by a coach should do justice to them. This has a channeled direct affect on the company, which is success.

March 17, 2014

critical thought on styles

The ongoing days of clarifying my thoughts and extensive reading on which theory to choose/ applies and which to reject has turned out to be quite hard. The critical thought to select theories thus far has increased my knowledge on leadership styles but I believe in this particular PMA my holistic approach is hard to target on just what the situation is of the company, hence eliminating the present style of the selected HR director itself. In the formula (l= f(l, gm, s), we see how all factors are taken into consideration and in every style that’s stated just rightly. Therefore making it more confusing!

Furthermore, I hope my speculations are rational enough to support the theory/ theories I select and apply. The last concern is ongoing piece to the puzzle that I have is to apply company examples as precedents for the literature and reasoning to be backed and supported. Hopefully ill be making the right choice when doing so.

March 12, 2014

Decision Analysis

The first two classes were quite captivating as it sparked my interest on how generally in life we make mistakes yet alone our academics whilst decision-making.

Robust decision is all about the critique method of analyzing situations and therefore basing our decision on it. This means the more one thinks critically the better/ finer result one can reach. We further discussed the common mind traps we fall in to and there are numerous, amongst which are; theory Influences Observation, Bold statements do not make claims true, coincidence, slippery slope and plank problem.

I personally could relate to these mind traps and could relate to ‘theory Influences observation’ further with the help of the videos shown in class.

The videos were quite interesting and I could Asses my concentration after realizing what I notice and I don’t, in short how a human mind works.

Speaking of which, our mind works in three systems (0, 1 And 2).

The cognitive thinking has three ways of us to think and act:

Firstly, System 0 is us responding by our instincts to situations that are faced in life and is not in our control. Making it easier for me to relate to human psychology.

Secondly, System1 is more about instant feeling to a situation on which our decision is based and acted upon. This could be to like a product on a rack while browsing in a super market, one can relate to the instant pleasure and buy it with out putting a lot thought in it.

Thirdly, we have system 2 which is, ‘process based system’ that means that we really do have to give thought and be critical in thinking in order to make a decision. Its purely based on a logical thinking.

Another interesting act of thinking was of anchoring and how it affects our thinking psychology and my clarity further grew after watching the video of how people associate a champagne bottle’s worth if given a stimulus by picking a ball from a bag of rigged ping pong balls. The real life experiment did prove to support the theory of anchoring which is yet a big and common mind trap to walk in.

The Videos had a lot to do with our human ability to think, manipulated and made negative use of by marketers and others in different situations.

The decision tools are used for logical decisions. There are many tools, I personally have been introduced to Decision tree, SWOT, PRETO, SMART in the past and I am curious to learn in depth while unraveling and making a robust decision for Wave riders.

Looking forward to an interesting week!

March 08, 2014

Mind mapping, rationalizing, justified conclusion

This past week i have been searching for approaches, situations of real life companies to be closely related to Waveriders and ensuring my consensus to be based on practical knowledge. The more i read about these approches the more refined my approach gets, which that i believe will fit right for waverider's director and the CEO.

The only thing that im concerned with is the way im going to write my PMA, is it ok to write the way we usually do as a third person or not. Although Paul said its a real chance for us to play around with this PMA and constuct it in a play form.

February 21, 2014

Leadership & Excellence capped

Today’s session was on how to create a safe environment as we worked in one. More importantly we dint know how safe it would be until we were told by Paul that its not much of a big deal if we dint win, actually none of us did. But the purpose of this exercise was not to win but learn how we can operate if all the information is not given by our leader. Later we assessed our leader and suggested the improvements he could make in reference to his leadership skills, most importantly we learned from his mistakes and figured how to tackle such a task, which has loads of data to absorb and deliver.

Personally, I think it’s the best lesson learned and capped amongst many during this module. I enjoyed immensely! Hope to score well in the PMA!

Treasure hunt

After a thorough reflection we started off our session with a team building exercise and the challenge was to find a treasure followed by different tasks and clues. The important and different thing I learned was how to manage our tasks and since this was done with the help of a map, we all had to refer to this and work cohesively. Most importantly we had to review our decision whenever we got it wrong.

I was assigned on map reading and identifying the danger areas, etc. At the end of the exercise it was all about coordination and mistake proofing by monitoring eachother.

February 20, 2014

Coaching in Leadership

Every one enjoyed a very important brief role based exercise on Tuesday 18th of February 2014 as I personally could see a major use and application of it in the practical world.

This exercise was all about coaching each other for a brief 5 minutes after selecting an issue we face. Coaching is just like counseling via which one helps the person to finds its remedy of the situation. A coach asks the right questions which allows the coachee to engage freely rather than being judgmental.

I selected to be Jo Brown and the issue I normally face is similar to Jo’s, which is due to the lack planning I get stressed out. With the help of directions given to us my coach gave me a few ways to overcome this problem but were not really helpful but this doesn’t mean that the exercise wasn’t interesting as it was. When I got to be the coach for 5 minutes I asked kleantis the questions that I got him talking in a narrative way instead of an argument. I wasn’t abrupt with my questions an gave him a few ways to think ahead from in the issue he faced. Coaching does exist but I believe after this session that its not being done properly, hence the dis-satisfaction amongst employees as they remain confused and wrongly directed. Coach can really make a difference in an coaches life and can help him think about his/her path of success.

February 19, 2014

Practical & ideal Leadership continues

We can see false leadership practices every where and I experienced them in my brief job with Guinness World Records and I saw how brown nosing is common to get an appraisal, paid leave and ultimately a promotion. The people that I talk about in the organization of Punjab Sports Board actually just sipped tea all day and made strong connections with visitors so that they can branch out if they want to, which is fine to think that way but simultaneously should aim at investing sufficient hours of work at the current place of work. My point is to value where you are but they tend do the opposite cause they are not being valued. Therefore had formed the belief of being stereotypical about their methods to become successful.

I had three assistants to work with and what I did was that I created a different working environment to perform and worked with them based on mutual consensus, away from the polluted political environment at office and at the field doing fieldwork. They reflected by saying that they enjoyed working with me and by the end dint mind getting their hands dirty. In other words they along with my self learned work ethics and methods in office and at field, which is the real world out there. Probably the contrast allowed us to draw a conclusion on what we preferred. Now I can relate in a better manner on what my instincts and inborn skills lead me to do but I wish I knew all what I have learned up till now to apply my knowledge for better results.

When we started thinking brainstorming about it we noticed how tricky of a topic it is. More importantly I realized that attending classes from 5months made me such a value oriented leader in the making that I couldn’t think deviously.

But as we all rattled are minds we could come up with sensible solutions that we presented about in class. In the practical world politics can be mitigated but not eliminated and therefore proving a point through your actions is the most important fact when changing others views of sucking you into their politics. Furthermore, I believe it’s a vicious chain of politics that runs from top to the bottom of the hierarchy and the real politics is being practiced up their by the directors and all.

Practical & ideal Leadership

In todays session class had concerns about how can leaders know who to promote and whom should be kept at the same level most importantly as he fits the role currently is at.

In more detail a good leader can be an effective one who recognizes the potential of an employee to promote him/ her and further refine his/ her ability to lead and become an effective/ god leader him/ her self. At present we see how promotions are earned, they are all in a rat race and base their methods on a stereotype that they have seen up-till now. When I say they have seen I mean how this problem has cascaded down on to them, resulting in a hard situation that they are left to face. They believe if they are good at their current position and acquire high sets of skills they should look forward to being promoted.

In an example I could relate was of sales man that how one can be an excellent sales person but is not necessary a good sales manager. Although, he/ she has the skills to pitch sales in the field but may not be seen fit as a sales manager. I think that a person of certain level of expertise does not necessary have the ability to delegate the powers

When employees are motivated by bosses who are autocratic and follow coercive leaders and expect that they should be the same. Therefore, they build up an organization of dysfunctional people. The reason why they have to restructure policies and strategies before expected.

Leadership has no dependency on age. We have all seen I believe how some of the batch mates as kids had the ability to lead in sports or academics thus have grown in to strong leaders and their skills enhanced with age. I think if any one ha such skills/ personality etc. should have a positive understanding to go beyond themselves by being selfless in their leadership style and set a positive example.

The smart way of doing so is to understand the work environment and go along with the ways that they already have incorporated in the organization. Later, should pick the ones who can possibly match the wavelength of the leader and educate them on how things should be than they are. Therefore, they will be able to see the good side of it and perform with the right guidelines. Every person is a CEO of his/ her floor/ department etc. and should know how he can engage employees and enhance his circle of influence and bring a change in the long run.

February 18, 2014

Value based CSR

On Monday we discussed if there are any possibilities of transition from a strategic based CSR to a value based CSR. They are both completely different in nature as strategic based CSR is focusing on rigid game plan for success and that you cannot drop the ball for one moment because if you slip then somebody else will capitalize. In short it’s said that a one mans loss is another mans gain.

Strategic based CSR is very much implied by institutions and companies globally and that needs to change. It promotes pressure and complexity in the road to success. Nevertheless one cant deny that this methodology is not successful but its not justifying from any end the amount of fear the people need to bare at all times. The key is persistence and everything. This is how people are normally operating in their lives. I can relate this approach to a rat race and that takes away the charisma in life even when one reaches the desired target.

On the contrary, value based CSR has positive impact in life and once a person adopts this approach his/ her life is sorted and is much easier. This is because his principles are derived from values and a person who has such principles finds it easy to cope with daily personal and corporate decision. I can relate to the strategic based CSR because I’ve seen it and experienced it to some extent but would definitely adopt value based CSR and apply in my work environment or self-business.

As a leader I want my actions to reflect social responsibility and amongst different roles I would prefer democratic and a laissez faire but each situation has its own perimeters. Therefore it depends whether I need to be autocratic or not.

Once I go back, I know I would be facing issues when applying these strategies. But I am certain about the results of what I can obtain once applying different leadership roles under a value based CSR. Whether I get to work in a multinational company or a business of my own.

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