July 12, 2014

KM & Security Continuum

In this week my understanding about security continuum has increased along with how to integrate it with knowledge management. Its is rather difficult to find relative articles in which both aspects are talked about. Hence it is quite comprehensive on how to take knowledge management and security continuum and talk about their benefits, which WaveRider’s will experience.

Furthermore, KM exists in the form of tangible and intangible assets. Along with its primary source which is known as tacit and explicit knowledge and that usually companies do not focus on this knowledge yet alone manage it. Therefore the realization of knowledge comes first that exists in employees and processes and later valuing it plus managing it.

Security continuum comes in play with its importance of securing this knowledge that is stored in data banks and servers for employees to use and update. Both the virtual and physical aspects of the security is valued in organizations and there correlation should not be undermined with KM.

To keep the knowledge secure is prime reason why entities in business with companies like such happy. This is due to the authentic knowledge and vital information being kept secured by the an organization and has positive implication for let say suppliers and other business man to feel satisfied that their classified information is not under any kind of threat.

July 09, 2014

Security continuum

As days pass by in research for the KBAM pma my knowledge was enhanced about Security Continuum. Security continuum is important for every company in the age of technology that we live in, as companies face cyber threats virtual and physical. Therefore the importance of having a robust security system is vital.

“It's long been said that the revolutions in communications and information technology have given birth to a virtual world. But make no mistake: This world -- cyberspace -- is a world that we depend on every single day. It's our hardware and our software, our desktops and laptops and cell phones and Blackberries that have become woven into every aspect of our lives…so cyberspace is real. And so are the risks that come with it…In short America's economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cyber security.”

-The President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, 29 May 2009

After company realize the importance of security continuum, they need to implement it for full proofing their knowledge that’s later converted from tacit to explicit. The importance of knowledge management is realized in companies but little is done to secure it. Noticing this vulnerability thieves both physically and the hackers of the cyber world take advantage and attack.

Therefore the implementation of security continuum is important but the continuous improvement via upgrading this system is considered to e more necessary. The aim is to lead the company to excellence and there is no way better to that than monitoring the systems implemented and critically analyzing when and what to upgrade. Suggested ISO certifications like ISO 17799 are useful to comply with the international standard to prevent any kind of security flaw.

June 14, 2014


The aim that MBE program tends to achieve can be experienced in the last module of KBAM as it truly challenged our developed skills and knowledge on how the real world out there is and that we need to be prepared to face it.

KBAM left me with an ongoing practical approach in ways to go about on decision making with in a limited time and limited data/ information. I believe in this deeply as in the real world as we like to call it, is quite similar to what we experienced during this program of MBE and that one cant wait for an extra second for vital information that we require to come in, hence we need to act and perform with the best possible assumption. I guess that’s why they say ‘you snooze, you loose’ and with life the experience grows and so does our thought process in relation to making robust assumptions.

A journey to excellence starts for me as I have started to invest my time in continuous improvement!

Wish all the best to every one in their future endeavors!

p.s Its just the beginning!

June 10, 2014

Real World

The last week of KBAM and lectures, it’s been a hell of a ride. Having said that our discussion on the two topics was quite interesting. The model of Robert Tills ‘Neurological levels of change’ shared by Paul in class was very helpful as its practicality could be easily related in real world. Its applicability was thoroughly discussed and questioned.

‘Real world’ they say, which we are all so eager to enter or re-enter. The pressing issues related with our respective cultures and understanding about the organizations itself persuaded all of us to voice our concerns.

The most debated concerns were about changing the exiting culture of the organization after it’s understanding of what lacks for improvement and exists for considering as a base. There were arguments made on what should method/ was should be considered when facing a rigid boss who doesn’t like changes.

The feedback I reflect on this concern is that there is no one right way to go about it, one may never know how that rigid boss of ours may have a change of heart by witnessing a minor change with in our area of concern. Furthermore, I was quite interested by the idea of ‘Quality circles’/ ‘Discussion groups’ as they are quite practical to implement in any kind of an organization. The possibilities of creativity are endless and so are areas of concern, which can be critically gauged by employees at all levels without the interference of the managers.

My reflection on this is that, yes employees may benefit from the concerns they consider to be forwarded but mostly employees are hesitant by fear or by being indifferent about the environment. I believe giving the drive, guidance and the option to change is the biggest key here for implementing and practicing quality circles in the organization. Employees usually are indifferent about voicing their opinion as they know how their bosses are and know via years of experience of to which extent the orthodox approach has been firmly established and can never be changed. This hopeless belief turns into negative behavior that deeply affects both employees and the company.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter that on which level we are hired once graduated as the area of influence can grow and engulf the organization slowly. Then again Rome wasn’t built in a day! It’s about persistence in accordance with the neurological level of change in mind which makes one stay focused.

June 06, 2014


For the past week and half me and my team mates have worked on our parts, addressing to Wave Riders limitations and possibilities. These limitations can be over come by our individual and collaborative team effort. Thus far we have accomplished our goal of providing WaveRiders with a 5-year plan for its each sector.

My individual part that I will be presenting is on security continuum. It’s challenging to find further security measures suitable for a an SME like Wave Riders apart from what is given in the moodle notes. Nevertheless, I came across few measures that I could add to my 5-year plan. One of them is known as the 3 Factor Authentication. The need for its implication is useful and highly recommended as its respective technology is used by organizations worldwide. Henceforth, Wave Riders will benefit from 3 Factor Authentication.

I am glad to work with my cooperative peers and formulate a plan in the given time frame.

June 03, 2014

Security continuum

On Monday beginning of this week, as a group we started working on our respective parts and in which security continuum has further two types. The first is physical security and the second is virtual security. My further research on this vast topic allowed me to come across another form of security known as HR security. The reason think HR security would be appropriate for this presentation is because in a 5 year plan its rather important to set and meet short-term target and that long-term objective cannot be avoided as well. Hence the HR security is important as it takes a sufficient time for any organization to implement it over the period of 5 years.

May 29, 2014

KBAM work distribution

In todays group meeting we crosschecked the relevance of our selected tools for asset management. After which we eliminated the tools which were repetitive as we cannot waste our space or given time of 20 minutes. Later we gave our suggestions on the basis of which we think Wave Riders will benefit from a 5-year plan.

With out wasting any time, we decided to move forward with distributing work further on:

  • Identifying the knowledge for Wave Riders.
  • What knowledge does Wave Riders need?
  • How does Wave Riders gain knowledge?
  • What is knowledge management?
  • What is Knowledge management for Wave Riders?
  • Knowledge management tools for Wave Riders
  • Knowledge management 5-year plan?

May 28, 2014

KBAM planning

In todays first meeting me along with my group mates kept our objectives clear from the beginning. Baring the importance of time in mind our first objective was to record all our findings by adding it in the portfolio.

The second step was to allocate management tool after selecting them of every member’s interest amongst group mates, thus stimulating productivity. This allows us to save time and set our deadline a week before the presentation so that we can amend any glitches in the last week if found.

I think Anne is a great leader who has the drive, focus and patience to bear with her group mates plus welcoming to every ones ideas, this allows us to operate cohesively. We have drafted a flexible plan that will help us to stay on track.  

KBAM day 1

My take on the todays brief about KBAM is that it’s a vast module in which the two vital components ‘asset management’ and ‘knowledge management’ complement each other. In class I understood the objective of why knowledge management is important to carry out numerous processes in an organization. We further touched upon the topics such as facility management and what should be considered in order for us to stay consistent in our process.

My view towards the two terms were automatically linked with our previous lectures in the respective modules. I guess the practical understanding formed in previous modules can now be rightly placed or linked with knowledge engineering management and the result that this process if carried affectively can achieve for the organization or initially from the group that operates cohesively.

The goal of the organization is usually aimed to reach economies of scale or similar and employees working towards it in a cohesive manner, which allows them to use all resources in their power to stay cost effective.

My efforts towards my group are to follow the leader’s instructions, contribute to make a difference; in short all steps will be taken towards reaching the designated task referred to Wave Riders aims and objective by managing time efficiently. Time=currency, which needs to be allocated effectively along with any other given resource/ s.

This module helps me emphasize on what I have covered thus far in MBE. Most importantly, time management for the up coming group meetings, presentation and the key benefit of knowledge management of balancing everything while being in the midst of a rigorous module like such and threatening deadlines.

Looking forward to cap my time here at MBE with a KBAM!

March 21, 2014

Robust Decision Making post presentation reflection

During this week we worked as a constructive group towards selecting robust tools. Every morning our productivity increased towards as no one slacked at his or her work, most importantly had creative input to relate to our presentation. Therefore we invested exact 20hours of work strategically towards our goal, which was to provide WaveRiders with consultancy of choosing amongst two locations.

Our group work was divided in equal and we all managed our selves well to avoid discomfort between our selves. This involved at first selecting each tool and discussing their applicability in the situation stated by the case study of WaveRiders.

Secondly, the next day post analyzing individually reasoned with each other on why the specific X, Y, Z tool dint seem fit/ appropriate for our presentation. This way we ensured that no tool should be left un-explored as they all lead to a robust decision. Henceforth our rigorous analysis was based on rational justification for each tool and its application for the situation.

Furthermore, despite our justification for the selected tools for choosing a location and keeping in mind the importance of marketing we felt a need for creativity. In other words something to add in the presentation to show groups professionalism. This was further worked on by designing our consultancy logo (capsule) and the fishing speedboat of WaveRiders. The logos purpose was to cater the marketing aspect as well as professionalism of a consultancy firm, which we considered our selves to be. Once the presentation slides were compiled we practiced them to attain time efficiency for the big day (Friday).

Lastly, in today’s morning we presented with thorough knowledge on the robust tools selected. Thus came confidence in what we had to propose for WaveRiders!

I personally enjoyed myself working at par with my group mates as we all shared cooperation and patience to understand each other’s opinion. I believe from such commonalities comes productivity that results in a good experience in regards to working with each other.

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