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June 21, 2012

Follow–up 2 : Speedy Reading

Follow-up to A7 Speed Reading from Melvin's blog

Follow Up 2: Hurdles on the Road to Reading Development


Following my reflection and setting up a pathway for change, here is an update on my progress. The idea of 'Using a Guide', I integrated with everyday reading that I undertake. By ensuring I used a reader, in specific I made the 'Bright Green Pencil' my Guide, I feel my reading ability has improved considerably. By using it everyday I have made it a habit, as automatically every time I have to read I look for my guide. Resultant of this change my confidence in my reading ability has considerably changed.

However, I still face the issue of sub-vocalisation that affects my reading skill every now and then. Even though I started using 'SPREEDER' initially, which proved useful, it didn’t seem to be something I could implement in an everyday schedule. Having long days at University and plenty of reading every day, I just couldn't get myself to run through SPREEDER after coming home at 8pm.

Thus, I have made it a habit to remind myself/write a note prior to reading to remind myself not to sub-vocalise, focus on the sentence ahead to tackle this issue. I also found that playing music, instrumental, helps with the sub vocalisation.

So, on this road to changing my reading ability I understand that constant work has to be put in. With small but useful changes in the results that I obtain from these techniques and the impact of these on my confidence, has and continues to drive me to work on my reading ability, particularly considering the biggest area to implement my new skills (my dissertation) is yet to be looked at.

Thanking You


Melvin Jose

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