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June 03, 2012

P4 Delivering Effective Presentations

Follow-Up 1: Self Reflection and Road to change

Although eager to improve my presentational skills, initially I was unsure as whether to book this workshop. However Bev through her 'Assertiveness' workshops, provided the motivation and determination needed to take the 'step for change' with confidence. Even though the idea of presentations to be made in front of an unknown audience seemed daunting, confidence was the first milestone that needed to be covered. Thus it made me book this workshop and in turn make progress on the path for change and personal development.

The workshop provided a very dynamic, challenging and solution driven environment to tackle myp4.jpg presentational skills and tackle my nervousness. Supported with the ‘Becoming More Assertive’ workshop, the need to maintain good non-verbal communication (posture, feet position, shoulder level) was just reinforced. The importance of posture was illustrated with practical demonstrations, illustrating the correlation of posture with breath supply which feeds to good voice production, something that I have to focus (as deeper the breaths, calmer it makes you feel).

Non-verbal communicational means also encompassed the ‘EFFG’: eye contact, facial expression, focus and gestures. All of these together builds a picture of yourself before, during and upon finishing the presentation. Thus giving me a clearer picture on the steps needed to present and perform effectively. The remainder of the P’s, Power/Pitch/Pace have all been previous knowledge, though the clear implications and characteristic reflections of the variations in these were not and thus has illustrated to me the importance the 5 Ps play in a presentation.

Key to professionalism and clear transfer of the presentational knowledge from presenter to presentee focuses also on the varied need for pockets of silence that emphasise and clarify points whilst also giving a touch of professionalism, the '2 second pause' Rule. Having previous experience with presentations the importance of structure, content and delivery was prior knowledge, though the detailed points of action for each was something novel and rather helpful.

Thus by having to perform 3 different presentations to a group of unknown individuals, as well as go out to the bridge and hum loudly the 5 Ps were tackled alongside a careful dissection of the presentational parts, structure or content or delivery.


Therefore in short, in succession to this workshop I have reflected on myself and my presentational skills, illustrating a set of key action points, central to tackling my prime weaknesses in presenting; nervousness and effective time management, the latter a resultant of poor filtering of data to suit the time limit provided.

With a new module on the horizon from next week, specifically one which carries 40% on a presentation, it provides a crucial opportunity to put into place everything I have learnt. I plan to meticulously follow the developed ‘Action Points’ , which include

  • Tackling initial nervousness with concentrated and calm breathing
  • Ensuring a thorough filter of all the research available to ensure a flowing story with correct and only enough information to match the time available.(MUST, COULD & SHOULD know technique).
  • Obtain correct preparation: with a systematic personalised but flowing structure alongside other tools.
  • Practise is also another point ( few sessions with loud presentations in front of the mirror or other people, as similar conditions as possible to the real thing)

Thus I will ensure a smooth start allowing for a steady beginning as well as ensure the right amount of information is presented for the time given. Hence these action points will be thoroughly implemented in the next 2 weeks prior to the presentation day and any issue faced tackled, in turn improving my presentational skills.

Thanking you Bev for a thorough, challenging and highly useful workshop

Best Regards

Melvin Jose

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