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August 02, 2012

P1 Follow Up 4:The Final Review "Introduction to skills development & the Warwick Skills Portfolio

Follow-up to P1 Follow–Up 3: An introduction to skills development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio from Melvin's blog

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement” -C. S. Lewis

Looking back on the path that I treaded on since the workshop, a lot of hurdles, falls and successes can be seen. All of these together played a critical role into changing my mindset and the person I am with the way I do things.

So firstly, my action point encompass the following:

1. Taking actions towards becoming more active and pragmatic; I chose the following actions from the Learning Styles Questionnaire (Honey, P., 2008)

O Backing a hunch once in a while, rather than over analysing. Allowing myself to trust my feelings more.

O Take a challenge and try the different ways of doing things rather than being set in tried and tested ways all the time.

O Reflect on pieces of work prior to submission by having a few rough drafts .

2. Take the complete Vark questionnaire from; this will hopefully help me fully understand my favoured learning styles, along with providing methods to develop my less favoured one.

3. Develop my under-developed skills; namely assertiveness, presentational and organisational, with the help of the Warwick Master Skills Programme and some practice.

ladBeing more active and pragmatic was an initial goal. This included a number of occasion where I trusted my feelings backing my hunches with a number of situations. It was particularly hard to let loose as I generally tend to analyse a situation from every possible angle before jumping in with both feet. However, I did succeed in implementing that action potential with cooking, as well as with work at times ( there were moments where other colleagues would mention the structure for the essay had to be in the style stated; however I believed my structuring was more suited to my piece of work). In the latter case, it did prove to be useful as my style stood out, however because I worked hard and ensured the contents were good the marks were good. Nevertheless, my main point of development from this A.P. would be the fact that it built trust of oneself and your judgement. It also allows you let your hair down and add some surprise to things ( however be careful where you chose to implement hunches rather than common sense :P).

Additionally, these events have been challenges which I tackled in other ways than the tried and tested ways. Slightly daunting with the risk of messing up the occasions we definitely character building experiences. However, it has really helped me with creativity and expand on my problem solving skills. As in the case of the basketball society scenario I mentioned in my 4th follow up for team working, using the library as an advertising location to recruit a videographer was an exemplar situation tackled in this way. Actually also developing on my work ethic and management I found time to review and reflect on work I had done prior to submitting it as well as being creative with it. It truly has enlightened me to the importance and benefits it harbours in giving your best as well as the factor that reflection on something helps you pick out its good and bad points and also improve it. Reflection however doesn’t stop there. It helps with future organisation and reflection on past successes and failures to hone the results of the future in your favour.

The VARK questionnaire results for the questionnaire I did, showed that I am the kind of person who likes lists, definitions and quotations as well an unmistakeable knack for visual representations. I used this in my current lectures as well as project work, and plan to continue doing so for note taking in the corporate world outside. Also, the VARK introduced me to ways in which I can improve my intake of information, which helps in both attending seminars/talks as well as doing research and assignments.

Foremost skill areas for improvement, I mainly named assertiveness, presentational and organisational. As my personal goals, and then attending a workshop, followed by personal efforts, I am making improvements with personal triumphs that really motivate me to keep at it.

Where do I go from here?asdfw

I am intended on continuing with my new found personal traits, being more active and pragmatic certainly works for me and improving my output from the day, both work wise and emotionally. Backing my hunches was one of the reason I did the workshop to input into ‘Warwick’s online resource for presentations’, as overanalysing it would mean looking at the time it took and if I could use the time elsewhere. I just had a feeling it would be good to give back something to Warwick, as their workshops on presentations had really improved me. Backing my hunch meant I trusted my feelings more, but also that I felt personal satisfaction and good because I had helped give my bit into a resource that would help students who were in the same bad position I was initially in with presentations. It proved to be a delight on a personal. Additionally the unexpected voucher was nice too J.

Best Regards


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