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October 06, 2005

tuesday's rehearsal

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well, was the first proper rehearsal this week. well kind of… as in socs fair all day tuesday was very busy and there was a lot of interest in rev too. maybe was the huge bowl of haribo supplied…hehe. but so many ppl said they would turn up. and they pretty much all did!!!

'so this resulted in a very crowded, and somewhat warm, rehearsal where we all had lots of fun' (quote from ali, well mostly)

but it was a very good rehearsal and there was a lot of enthusiasm from the freshers and everyone seemed to like higher and higher so much we did it twice! which was cool, as i played guitar for first time in the band this week. however was only acoustic and so couldnt really be heard by anyone outside the band. was fun none the less. hehe

so next purchase is an electro-acoustic guitar…..good job for student loans!!

if anyone has a half decent one out there let me know!!

guess i should wrap this rather unexciting entry up and such ebay for guitars!


October 03, 2005

blogging just for ali…...

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hey ali (and anyone else reading of course). one of the few times i have internet and any time to write on my blog. so thanks to ali's house and thor's laptop i can now write more randomness on here. a very long day today for me, starting at 4.30am in fact!! crazyness!!

tshirt designs on the way…not sure if im allowed to say as the exec havent seen them yet but they are on the way soon. also working on cd designs, all this alongside the more important (but strangely less time consuming) third year project. for those interested (or thor) it is investigating the kelvin-helmholtz instablitity, where there is shearing between fluids of different densities causing a cool looking, but very mathematical swirling….

anyway, thor is trying to do some Phd work (surprising people i know!) so he needs his laptop. one day i will be able to write a whole comment without being interupted….


September 27, 2005

beginning of a new year…and my 21st today too!

Writing about web page

well its the second day of term…and coincidently my 21st! damn those lectures though.. which i have a few minutes to get to so this will be a short entry. quite looking forward to seeing lots of rev ppl tonight and having a chilled bday. may do something soon, but at the mo i'm just hanging around campus with my guitar on my back until this evening… lol. although doors are constantly a problem for the guitar to fit under. dammit!! back to lectures!! :-( ….

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