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October 26, 2005

work vs social life…...

Wednesday evening and writing a blog entry. I guess that's respectable… It's not as if it's a Friday night and I'm at home all alone. That wouldn't be as good. So what to write about? That is the eternal dilemma I face when it comes to writing on here. Mostly ends up in a random pattern of thoughts as they come and often i just type them.

Seems to be happening at the moment too. Only an hour and a half until 'Lost' though on E4. How exciting! Also many thanks go to Ali, Rich and Thor for the use of one seat and their TV on a Wednesday night! Legends!

The term ahead is already building up into a frenzy of work, and undoubtably more work means that people with not so much work decide to do more social things.
For example;
This week, have already been given a large piece of coursework in something I'm still trying to understand the first few lectures.
I have my Third year experiment almost complete and ready to be experimented on, which requires many hours in the library researching background information about fluid instabilities.

So this weekend, there's a houseparty on friday, a birthday on saturday and possibly now one sunday night too. My Dad decided to come up to the NEC for the motorbike show which i can't miss this year (would ruin the flow of the last two years!) on Saturday daytime. Then today my coursemates decide to have a meal on Monday at someones house and head to Top B after. Admittedly was my idea for Top B, but that will be four days of activities in a row.

And with the usual Rev activities inevitable throughout the week that leaves little time for lectures and research and example questions for examples classes. (hmm one tomorrow, no time to learn the course and do the questions now….woops!)

This leads me to another point raised by someone recently, although i can't remember who now. As you progress through uni the work generally gets harder and larger in volume. This is also followed alongside with the fact that you gain friends, and societies/sports clubs activities become a larger part of your life too. So the time at uni when you should be working hardest of all, your final year, you seem to be more easily distracted then ever before! It's all crazyness really and hopefully won't last last much longer that this term. If it does then people have permission to stop inviting me to things guide me towards the library! (however will be very offended if previous statement actually happens)

So I guess there was a little point to this entry for a change, and I also tried to type correctly for a change, using puntuation properly just to make Thor happy. No doubt he will find some mistakes somewhere and comment. His english is actually better than most English people!!

October 14, 2005

sitting in rococco…somewhat bored….

well at this point in time (ten past three to be precise) im currently sitting in rococco with my laptop just watching the world go by, or more often scurrying freshers or even people drinking frescatos and coffee.

have been on campus for almost four hours now, and havent even had one lecture. what makes it worse is the lecture i do have today doesnt start until 5! on a friday too! insanity if you ask me. anyway, has been a good chance to catch up on some project work, and write most of finish the work to hand to my supervisor today. so after being kicked out of engineering computer room by a very rude lecturer i proceeded to the nearest available room with computers near L4. and had to purchase printer credits! i get free ones in engineering….but nope, had to buy some just to print stuff off.

so down to the workshops again, almost everyday this term now! and handed some more designs to the guys down there. legends by my reckoning. so back up to engineering computer room as i had forgotten to print one vital design, and thought maybe i could sneak in and print it quick. but alas i get caught by the same dude and have to explain i need two minutes on a free computer….finally printed and back downstairs (a good workout though no doubt!). so now cant really go back there, so come to rococco to chill and check emails.

and back to the title, im sitting in rococco somewhat bored. have 3 hours and 38 minutes left on my laptop until the battery runs out, so that should take me until my lecture at least. the question now is, what can i do for and hour and a half?..........

the idea of ebay is appealing, however the idea of spending money is not so. and this blog entry has taken some time i guess, but if i was to make it any longer i think it may just get overly boring…

so anyway, may just have a look for electro-acoustic guitars online…get an idea of the kinds of prices before i go to brum tomorrow and look there.

October 12, 2005

week 3 already!! wow.

wow its already week 3, and not only that its half way through it too! spent most of this morning tidying the fluids labs so my project (and the other guys doing fluids projects) could fit in it nicely. didnt realise that the basement in engineering was like a maze! so many crazy passageways and experiments from past years set up all over the place. makes you think where the people running the experiments have gone? maybe they went horribly wrong… hmm interesting.

anyway, should be doing a project plan now for friday, but i planned to go home after my laptop ran out of battery, and its strange as it keeps changing from telling me theres 20min left to an hour….and so im still here and thought i'd write a blog entry.

the tshirts were also unveiled in rev last night. not sure of the reaction of the choir though. im hoping they liked them. well i would, having designed them…. but they are a change and people may not think thats a good thing. although most of the other choirs change their tshirts every year or two, and thinking about it it could be something exciting to look forward to for the choir. but when all the choir gets a tshirt and thinks they look cool (fingers crossed) then it will be worth missing time from work to design them.

if anyone knows anything about the 'kelvin-helmholtz instability' would also be very helpful!!

well my battery is about to die, so better publish this or it will have been an extra waste of time from that it is already.


October 06, 2005

tuesday's rehearsal

Writing about web page

well, was the first proper rehearsal this week. well kind of… as in socs fair all day tuesday was very busy and there was a lot of interest in rev too. maybe was the huge bowl of haribo supplied…hehe. but so many ppl said they would turn up. and they pretty much all did!!!

'so this resulted in a very crowded, and somewhat warm, rehearsal where we all had lots of fun' (quote from ali, well mostly)

but it was a very good rehearsal and there was a lot of enthusiasm from the freshers and everyone seemed to like higher and higher so much we did it twice! which was cool, as i played guitar for first time in the band this week. however was only acoustic and so couldnt really be heard by anyone outside the band. was fun none the less. hehe

so next purchase is an electro-acoustic guitar…..good job for student loans!!

if anyone has a half decent one out there let me know!!

guess i should wrap this rather unexciting entry up and such ebay for guitars!


October 03, 2005

blogging just for ali…...

Writing about web page

hey ali (and anyone else reading of course). one of the few times i have internet and any time to write on my blog. so thanks to ali's house and thor's laptop i can now write more randomness on here. a very long day today for me, starting at 4.30am in fact!! crazyness!!

tshirt designs on the way…not sure if im allowed to say as the exec havent seen them yet but they are on the way soon. also working on cd designs, all this alongside the more important (but strangely less time consuming) third year project. for those interested (or thor) it is investigating the kelvin-helmholtz instablitity, where there is shearing between fluids of different densities causing a cool looking, but very mathematical swirling….

anyway, thor is trying to do some Phd work (surprising people i know!) so he needs his laptop. one day i will be able to write a whole comment without being interupted….


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