October 26, 2005

work vs social life…...

Wednesday evening and writing a blog entry. I guess that's respectable… It's not as if it's a Friday night and I'm at home all alone. That wouldn't be as good. So what to write about? That is the eternal dilemma I face when it comes to writing on here. Mostly ends up in a random pattern of thoughts as they come and often i just type them.

Seems to be happening at the moment too. Only an hour and a half until 'Lost' though on E4. How exciting! Also many thanks go to Ali, Rich and Thor for the use of one seat and their TV on a Wednesday night! Legends!

The term ahead is already building up into a frenzy of work, and undoubtably more work means that people with not so much work decide to do more social things.
For example;
This week, have already been given a large piece of coursework in something I'm still trying to understand the first few lectures.
I have my Third year experiment almost complete and ready to be experimented on, which requires many hours in the library researching background information about fluid instabilities.

So this weekend, there's a houseparty on friday, a birthday on saturday and possibly now one sunday night too. My Dad decided to come up to the NEC for the motorbike show which i can't miss this year (would ruin the flow of the last two years!) on Saturday daytime. Then today my coursemates decide to have a meal on Monday at someones house and head to Top B after. Admittedly was my idea for Top B, but that will be four days of activities in a row.

And with the usual Rev activities inevitable throughout the week that leaves little time for lectures and research and example questions for examples classes. (hmm one tomorrow, no time to learn the course and do the questions now….woops!)

This leads me to another point raised by someone recently, although i can't remember who now. As you progress through uni the work generally gets harder and larger in volume. This is also followed alongside with the fact that you gain friends, and societies/sports clubs activities become a larger part of your life too. So the time at uni when you should be working hardest of all, your final year, you seem to be more easily distracted then ever before! It's all crazyness really and hopefully won't last last much longer that this term. If it does then people have permission to stop inviting me to things guide me towards the library! (however will be very offended if previous statement actually happens)

So I guess there was a little point to this entry for a change, and I also tried to type correctly for a change, using puntuation properly just to make Thor happy. No doubt he will find some mistakes somewhere and comment. His english is actually better than most English people!!

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  1. LaMama

    his english is actually better than most English people!!

    Sometimes he's just more confident about his English than most English people… even when he's wrong!! :–P

    That said, I made a grammatical error in Revmessageboard/blog entry and got a TEXT about it!! He was right there though, so we'll let him off. Love you Thor!!

    Hope you're well anyway Mr Marks


    30 Oct 2005, 22:43

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