October 12, 2005

week 3 already!! wow.

wow its already week 3, and not only that its half way through it too! spent most of this morning tidying the fluids labs so my project (and the other guys doing fluids projects) could fit in it nicely. didnt realise that the basement in engineering was like a maze! so many crazy passageways and experiments from past years set up all over the place. makes you think where the people running the experiments have gone? maybe they went horribly wrong… hmm interesting.

anyway, should be doing a project plan now for friday, but i planned to go home after my laptop ran out of battery, and its strange as it keeps changing from telling me theres 20min left to an hour….and so im still here and thought i'd write a blog entry.

the tshirts were also unveiled in rev last night. not sure of the reaction of the choir though. im hoping they liked them. well i would, having designed them…. but they are a change and people may not think thats a good thing. although most of the other choirs change their tshirts every year or two, and thinking about it it could be something exciting to look forward to for the choir. but when all the choir gets a tshirt and thinks they look cool (fingers crossed) then it will be worth missing time from work to design them.

if anyone knows anything about the 'kelvin-helmholtz instability' would also be very helpful!!

well my battery is about to die, so better publish this or it will have been an extra waste of time from that it is already.


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  1. I like the new T–shits!!!! We are all going to look very stylish!!! I am especially looking forward to having sparkly silver bubbles for dance and drama :) Hope your project goes well unfortunately I don't know anything about the 'kelvin–helmholtz instability' I cud try and make something up like i do for most of my degree though hehe

    12 Oct 2005, 19:48

  2. Tanya – I'm hoping that wasn't a sarcastic typo in the spelling of T–shirts?!!!

    12 Oct 2005, 22:50

  3. Oops!!!! No it wasn't that is what happens you try and do too many things at once. I love the new T–shirts!!!!!!

    13 Oct 2005, 17:26

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