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March 29, 2006


Last weekend was the trip to Ireland briefly mentioned in the last entry. Was a very comedy filled weekend, resulting in some good stories to tell people in the future. Mainly to embarass people that went.

So, friday I left cov at around 10am and headed home to Kent. I detoured to Billericy (Essex) to my grandparents for lunch on the way. Arriving about 12 and getting lunch half an hour later! Ham, egg and chips! Yum! So leaving there around 2 I headed over the Dartford bridge to bluewater to meet my sister on her break at work and buy some Krispy Kreme doughnuts!! I even managed to resist eating any of the dozen I bought.

3pm I leave there and head back to my house, only about 10 minutes away, so get some time to chill at home and watch tv. No-one in, so after finding my bottle of rum from barbados and packing that into my bag, I went to the pub down the road to 5:30pm and aimed for Gatwick! The journey however was much quicker than anticipated and I arrived at 6:20pm. So had to wait around the airport until 7 for chrisi to arrive, and then viks, emma and nikki. (The doughnuts were much appreciated by all!) So general airport waiting drinking guiness and checking in (with the doughnuts making it through customs too). Arrived in Cork at about 1030 and got taken to Tesco's to load up with food for the weekend. Load up we did! With 7 of us in a 7 seater car, all our luggage and all the shopping…. Was an interesting journey for 2 hours to the cottage in Adrigol were we stated!

Saturday was a general day of relaxing and drinking and eating. We went for a kind of walk/climb up a nearby mountain type thing… I ended up falling flat on my ass! Completely covered in mud in my new coat too! But was comical indeed! The evening entailed a drinking game of watching titanic…. interesting to say the least! But really the only way to watch titanic!

Sunday a few of us took viks and emma back to the airport as they had work monday, the journey was long and the amount of rain made it funny to try and corner on Irish roads at crazy speeds! (Wish I was driving at points!) Was sad to drop them at the airport and head back to the cottage, but we still had another day of crazyness!

After we ate when we returned we played 'pass-out' the drinking game, and a kind of very very wrong version of spin the bottle involving dares, truths and various other rules (who says we are too old!) Thankfully I was exempt from most of it!!! (Thanks Vikki :-) Phew!) What happened during the drunkeness should probably not be repeated here! Or anywhere the matter! lol.

Up monday morning at 630, this was after no 3 hours sleep. We had to pack and get the cottage clean. Then try and leave for our flight. The problem here however was there were 8 of us to fit in the 7 seater.... Was a little bit of a squash with all our stuff in the car too! Ended up nearly dying being a lot of pain all the way to the airport.

The flight back was a good one, apart from the amount of turbulence during takeoff and landing!! Was fun though I guess! Played Badminton in the evening for a couple of hours, did the rag quiz and then finally ate around midnight! Then collapsed!! lol. Was a good weekend, but a long and drunken one!

Was good fun, but next time would like to look around more of Ireland! Planning a road trip there in the summer (possibly with Viks) to just drive around and see where the roads take us! Hopefully can relax more then than this weekend!!

Back to work/recovering for me….....

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