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March 21, 2006

Two entries in a day! Must be bored!

Ok, so I'm working in F211 (which is the engineering computer room). It's not a bad place to work really. It's warm, has a nice bright red paint theme going on, and has lots of computers/printers/and power for my laptop. So why does it seem to be difficult to focus on work!?

I have probably checked my email several times by now whilst doing my report. Done around 600 words this morning in the last hour and a bit on it, but mind keeps drifting to other things. Pretty much anything else, like food. Or wondering what the high pitched noise in my car is!? Or even wondering how Vikki's getting on in school (teaching, not learning…well may be learning, but learning how to teach I guess…)

Lots of wondering, now wondering how I can get my report moving past the stage i'm stuck on now. Its got to the point where I may need to actually start calculating things and writing about the answers. Up til now I have been writing the introduction and theory sections, with a massive literature review in there too. Must start being organised and working through it. Only a few weeks left!

Although looking forward to having another weekend off this weekend. Ireland here we come!

Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

My experiment! Looking back this picture was the first instability I recorded! It seems so long ago now, and yet strangely the maths of it still screws with my head!!

Early is good!

9am and I've been up for almost two and a half hours! This whole getting up early thing is good! It means the days are really long so technically a lot of work can be done! Although the chance I'm going to use it to it's maximum potential is quite low. That would mean spending all day on campus again. Did that yesterday, and did a fair amount of work. But had to get some Redbull to keep me going!

The good point of being up so early though is that I'm feeling more awake during the day, and getting into the routine of being up for a long time. That worked well in the summer (4hours sleep a night for around a month) and I felt more awake then having more than 8 hours per night! Thats crazy though! I must be slightly weird! lol.

So I guess I should get to campus soon, and carry on with project work. There seems so much to do, and with other coursework to do soon and WiM straight in the middle of it all I better get on with it. Today is going to be a boring day I can tell. Maybe I should rethink my first statement, if I hadn't got up until 10 or 11am the day would be so much easier to fill!

Oh well! I should stop procrastinating, good though it is. Maybe I will write again later during times of bordem!

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