March 23, 2005

The Terri Schiavo case

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Everyone who pays any attention to the news will have seen this case, and the massive row over it.

My view has swung about, from a very uninformed 'she's in a "vegitative" state – I'm kinda in favour of letting her die in peace' to a 'Just seen a video of her responding to people. I was under the impression vegetables didn't move. I’m really uncomfortable with her being killed.’

It’s now swung back again, as I found the site this has linked to, and read one of the statements made by a judge at the end of one of the trials. The key fact contributing to this is that it seems that Mrs Schiavo’s brain has suffered major damage, to the point where the vast majority if not all of the area of her brain controlling emotion and conscious thought has literally been replaced by fluid. Her response to various stimuli is inconsistent, and thought to be controlled by ‘lower brain’ functions.

The site above is impartial, and gives a good summary of events, as well as many links to the legal documents outlining and explaining the judgements made in the case. If you’re interested in what’s happened – read it.

As a defence against anyone taking offence at what I’ve said in a Really sensitive subject, I’d like to say that I’m not trying to influence anyone’s opinion on what should be done by relating my own, that my own opinion is mainly influenced by the consistent findings of the legal processes involved, and that anyone who wishes to have an opinion on what’s going on should do their own research on the issue.

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