January 10, 2005

Er… Hello? Is this thing on?

Hello. I am, well, many things, otherwise known as Matt, and this appears, upon close examination, to be a blog. My blog. Odd that.

First entry. What on earth are you supposed to do with a first entry!? I guess some kind of indication/warning of what I intend to use this blog for might be handy. So..

Procrastination. This is not so much of an intent as an inevitability.

Talking about stuff I care about/have some vague interest in.

Letting my sense of humour go out on a long, long, leash. That's the warning bit.

Doing the crossword. My grandad sits all day doing the telegraph crossword, and pretty much does it every day with time for a snooze after lunch. He says it keeps his mind going. Ok. If I can't do the crossword now, when I'm probably about as near to an intelectual peak as I'm gonna get – what hope do I have when I'm 80!? So expect to see some of the metros finest.

Generally, I'll keep writing stuff if it turns out to be fun/good procrastination, and I won't if it don't (hopefully rhyme eliminates grammar related offence). So, to begin the blog. HEH hem. Quiet in the back.

"Miss Woodhouse take me back to mother".

4 letters, probably not starting with 'u'.

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  1. Hello mate,
    remind me about the book sometime and ill try and bring it somewhere for you. to respond to your bloggage – 4 letters not beginning with u = 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Jude.
    look forward to hearing what you have "some vague interest in" and also looking forward to more quality photos

    25 Jan 2005, 00:14

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