What was it? German? Jermain? Jermayne?

About me


Name: Matt Jermyn

I graduated last summer from a 4 year degree in Engineering – a degree I’d recommend, though I was pretty glad to finish it. I’m now doing a year out – a part time course at my church (see entry ‘Form’), part time job to pay bills, and also wandering around doing other things I consider useful – currently this involves occasionally wandering round campus talking to people about God, and also helping with a research project into the power structures in Canley.

Things I’m passionate about:

God – I’ve been Christian for about 4 years now, and the more I find out about Him the more I want to.

Seeing the world changed. There’s a standard question that gets asked; “What do you want to do before you die?” My answer to that… Life a life that revolves around the stuff I care about, where I haven’t settled for comfort over impact.