September 23, 2012

You are how you teach!

You are how you teach? What I'm trying to say is whoever you display yourself to be to students and how you teach, is what I believe is a reflection of the students them. Whatever beliefs and values I have and display is what I think the students will potray to me, the students behaviour reflects how good I am as a teacher.

There are many different things that encourage or even discourage positive behaviour. My attire is a factor that influences positive behaviour, if I come go into school dressed "scruffy looking", I won't exactly be setting a good example for the students to follow.

What I need to work on is my language though, I still use slang words and the use of the word "ain't" needs to stop!

One of the hardest things I believe to do as a teacher is to create that line or barrier where students have a positive relationship with you and you are their friend but you are also their teacher, which means they should show respect.

The need to have full control over myself and my emotions will be a challenge, there will be many challenging situations that I will encounter with students, but I should learn to keep myself composed and calm.

For me its easy to be negative, but to have a positive outlook and approach is something that I must strive and endeavour to do! Positive teaching means positive relationships which means positive behaviour.

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