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November 11, 2008

Tate Modern

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Tate Modern Visit


I visited the “Tate modern Museum” recently. Due to lack of time, I was only able to see the Modern collection on the third floor.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the games for families that were provided by the museum and the small chairs and tables specifically designed for children. Another thing that grabbed my attention was a design of the entrance hall, showing different artistic styles from 1900 to the present time.

Watching Giacometti’s sculptures closely was a great experience. What he’d pointed about the distance from the art work was a good explanation about his sculpture’s proportions. Nothing really seems the same when you get closer to it! And by looking at his works I really felt the “loneliness of being equivalent to the others[i]”, the fear from loneliness, which he tries to communicate.

I so enjoyed the “three points” by Henry Moore and I found it similar to his other masterpiece in “Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts” and surprisingly I felt being at home!

HM                                       3.jpg

Finally I really cosider this visit as an unfinished job, I have to go there again.


[i] Jean Genet

November 09, 2008

It's all about the power (Cold War Modern)

Writing about web page


This is a short report of my visit to an exhibition named “Cold War Modern” at V & A museum of London. First I have to mention that I had a short time, about 2 hours, to visit the exhibition and therefore I couldn’t finish it all. Besides, my knowledge in history is not really sufficient to judge how the exhibition was organized but I think the space could be organized better as it was a little bit confusing.

The whole concept of the exhibition was really great because people were not likely to realize the influence of art and design on their life style especially in that particular period (the decades after the second world war) that they were all busy discussing their political views. But the fact is that the war wasn’t really over, continuing in a different form, cold war went on. Now after a few decades we can see the difference made by artists from a different perspective.

Products designed by EXAT 51 were really interesting especially because of their relation with De Stijl movement and the idea of geometric abstraction.

All the proposals for the competition “Monument to the unknown prisoner” were great. The chosen theme for the competition was to pay tribute to those individuals who, in many countries and in diverse political situations, had dared to offer their liberty and their lives for the cause of human freedom.[i] I think this is a mutual feeling between all the people around the world and it can be considered as a peace campaign.

The peace dove by Picasso is absolutely a masterpiece and especially the use of primary colors in designing the scarf is a clever choice and in my opinion each color stands for a specific race.

Being honest I didn’t get much from the movie directed by Le Corbusier. I think I have to watch it again.

In conclusion, In spite of the fact all human beings claim that living in peace is an essential need for them; we still live in a world surrounded by violence (sometimes in a form of war) and it’s all about the power!

P.S: You can find a short report of the exhibition in Times Online

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