May 21, 2011

Music is forever…!!

Sidonie Gabrielle once said “Music is love in search of a word". Music is something you listen to because it is soothing to your ears, it makes you happy or because it simply connects with your current state of mind. 

I always thought there were only two kinds of music Good and Bad. 

But lately music is being associated with sexuality, personality, age and many other things.

What provoked me to write this blog was a simple conversation with my mom,

Me: Hi ma, how are you, what you doing??

Mom: We are just making Egg bonda, for the first time your dad is actually trying to help me in the kitchen. What are you doing?

Me: I am just listening to some Thiyagaraja Keerthana's ma.

Mom: Thu buddha ho gaya re ( You have become old son)

The rest of the conversation had more to do with egg bondas but, I thought why do Thiyagaraja( or Annamacharya (  Keerthana's have to be associated with some ones age. 

It also reminds me of something when I was in 7th grade, The when Back Street boys were a really happening band. I knew quite a few people who enjoyed their music, me being one of them and today some of the same people say this when someone listens to BSB... "Dude Back street boys are so gay ".... sometimes people say the same about Phil Collins... 

It saddens me to see that some people don’t want to listen to Elton John's music just because he is Gay, How does it matter people what matters is if you like his music or not.

I was once listening to an A.R.Rahman song from the Tamil movie Kadhal Desam, a friend of mine said " Dude chandu you should listen this kinda songs" playing some song which did not appeal to me . 

Finally what i wanted to say is Music is either good or bad, Like or hate the music because it’s of your choice or not but not because you don’t like the person who made it and Ultimately ones choice is music is a reflection of one’s Soul and inner feelings so please respect it.

"Music never gets old with time , It just gets better"

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