November 11, 2010

Introducing myself…

Good evening everybody,

this is Milo' s web log.

Who am I, is your initial question I suppose?

My name is Miloslav Cupik.

I am 21 years old "young man" from continental Europe, namely from the Slovak Republic.

I have been born, raised up and studied both my primary and secondary school there.

But most importantly, I have an excellent family and a few good friends in Slovakia too.

So what did make me come to the UK, you ask?

Well, obviously, higher education - I am a current student at the University of Warwick, if you have not noticed yet.

I am studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Law & Business Studies.

Difficult degree as it is, I still managed to proceed into my 2nd year of studies, hopefully graduating in Summer of 2012 - just in time to fully enjoy the Olympic Games before I embark on my corporate world career :D

Why have I bothered to start this blog?

there are number of reasons why I have decided to start my first blog ever at this point in my life:

1. It is getting increasingly popular to use this form of communication and I don't want to lag behind current trends.

2. I want to make sure that I, and those who would mind to follow this blog, won't forget some of the noteworthy events I have experienced during my studies here at Warwick.

3. I realize the need to continuously reflect upon my personal, academic and careers skills development.

4. Well, undeniably, I could not help but fight my innate lazyness in exchange for the motivation to be awarded a Warwick Skills Portfolio Award!

So, welcome to my brand new blog and feel at home...

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