September 24, 2005


Finish moving to new accommodation. Lakeside!!
Actually, I move to Lakeside yesterday,
but I couldn't carry my stuff to there 'cause the store room in Cryfield,
my previous accommodation, was closed.
The reception said we could carry our belongings anytime after our new accommodation would be ready… :-(

Anyway, it's all over now. Congratulation me!
I could carry whole my things to Lakeside with many my friends' help.
Thank you everyone! I really appreciate you all!
Hope I can make many good friends also here in Lakeside.

Moreover, I went to module registration meeting in this morning.
The staff from the International Office explained how we could register modules,
but it's so complicated for me.
British registration style is more difficult than Japanese one, at least my home university.

It needs the sign of module tutor and personal tutor,
so I had to see my personal tutor after meeting with anxiety.
However, she was so kind, and my department's way to register is straightforward.
So I'm not so worried about taking module,
all I want is to take all modules in which I'm interested!

Maybe the next week will be hard days for me, but just do my best anytime*

September 14, 2005

Starting blog!

I'm gonna start to write a blog from today.
I heard writing a diary in English is good to progress my English writing skill.
I've just finished my Library Project, the academic essay which required more than 2,000 words,
but I probably won't receive a good score from it…
So, it's the reason why I registered the Warwick Blogs,
whose advertisements I've seen many times everywhere in Uni. recently.

Hope my writing skill will be better!

I write another blog in Japanese also.
If you're interested in, please visit here.

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