May 15, 2015

Because 'dconf update' looks at modification time of directory not files

Are you making modifications to a dconf profile, running 'dconf update' and wondering why the settings aren't applying? I was. And this is why…

I have some dconf settings that I want to set conditionally and that's done by writing relevant value to a file like this:



if [ "$(something)" = "yes" ];then

cat > "${F}" << EOF

dconf update

/etc/dconf/db/foo.d/blah was getting updated, but the setting wasn't being applied. I noticed the binary database /etc/dconf/db/foo wasn't being updated, which was evident by the modification time stamp not changing after 'dconf update' was run.

Eventually I discovered that 'dconf update' doesn't look at the file modification times, it looks at the modification time of the directory containing the files. See Changing the contents of the file by writing to it with cat doesn't cause the modification time of the enclosing directory to change. So I needed to also change the modification time of foo.d, which can be done with touch



[ as above cut for brevity ]

touch $(dirname ${F})
dconf update

With that additional touch command, things started to work as desired.

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