July 28, 2005

The knees, the knees!

This has been a long but pretty good day – had to be at the office for work (bad) but came home at lunchtime (good) and have spent the rest of the day tidying, eating and moderating the forum. Sitting down where possible.
My knees are having a go at me for all the recent squash games and badminton and carrying people about. They are very stroppy things (always have been) but I think this is a subtle reminder that I'm supposed to be getting older. I was always ahead of my time.

Anyway, yesterday I passed out a couple of times from sheer exhaustion (ok, and most of a bottle of wine), but it was a good day – spent some time observing the grand Peter Blegvad at work with our nation's up and coming young writers. Excellent fun, though teaching a room full of teenagers how to write depressing repetitive pantoums was probably a bit like teaching a dog how to eat…

Tamsyn is industriously cleaning the bathroom as I speak, which should probably fill me with feelings of guilt, but they've got diverted somewhere on the way. Am mostly groggy from tiredness and sore of knee.

I thought about writing a poem about knees, but realised I've already done that. Suggestions for topics welcome!

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  1. Moderating's always good ;-)

    25 Jan 2006, 21:35

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