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May 06, 2010

'MycoCosm' portal for JGI Fungal Genomes and Exploration of Fungal Diversity

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Genome sequences for Agaricus bisporus var bisporus (H97) and var burnettii (JB137-S8) are available through the JGI's 'MycoCosm' portal. 

Fungal Genome sequences and other opportunities to explore Fungal Diversity are layered over a Fungal Tree of Life GUI. This resource should rapidly expand as fungal genomes continue to pour out of the JGI sequencing pipeline.

It's never been easier to explore fungal genomes: Go on, click on a branch!



May 04, 2010

Public Release of Agaricus bisporus var bisporus H97 Genome Sequence


The Agaricus bisporus var bisporus H97 genome is now available to the public via the JGI portal. Annotations of the v2.0 assembly are available at

Detailed statistics on the assembly and annotation of the A. bisporus var bisporus H97 genome can be found on the Info page of the JGI portal:


Community annotation and analysis of the Agaricus bisporus genomes are continuing. Additional contributions are invariably welcomed, please contact MC if you would like to join the community effort.

Please respect the community rules and JGI data release policy for publication rights of the genome-wide analyses:

November 05, 2009

Revised Agaricus bisporus var. bisporus (H97) v2.0 genome assembly

The JGI have announced the pre-release of an improved Agaricus bisporus var. bisporus (H97) 8.50x genome assembly, which integrates linkage mapping data.

We are grateful to Anton Sonnenberg, Marie Foulongne and Rick Kerrigan for sharing data and their work mapping various markers to the v2 scaffolds.

This H97 v2.0 genome browser is now available for community annotation inputs.

h97_assembly_nov2009.jpg h97_annotation_nov2009.jpg

In order to access the browser and make annotations, users will need to register with the JGI and the project team will need to approve the request. If you are interested in joining the annotation effort please contact the Agaricus genome team.

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