July 14, 2008

Basidiomycete Research Networks – Discussions

This document collectively summarises discussion points from two recent meetings, Basidio3 & GCBB7, and is intended to stimulate downstream community activity and discussion.

Activity should be inclusive and participation of all basidiomycete groups is encouraged to ensure that decisions/actions are representative.

The ‘Basidiomycete Research Networks – Discussion Document’ is not restricted to participants in the Basidio3 & GCBB7 meetings.
Please distribute to others within the basidiomycete research community and/or refer to this discussion page.

Snipped URL for this discussion page: http://snurl.com/2yfmr Please distribute to your colleagues

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  1. On 14/7/08 19:10, Rick Kerrigan wrote:

    Hi, Mike and Dan,

    Thanks for an excellent summary and framework for discussion/action.

    I favor having a ‘Basiomycetes coordinating committee’ (by any name) in place to harmonize the timing, goals and agendas of meetings, workshops and other community events. A BCC could provide a single source calendar for events, could help distribute meeting and learning opportunities over time and space, and ideally could provide early feedback to event proposers about time (or other) conflicts.

    One comment on the GCBB planning that followed on the Pamplona meeting: There was general acceptance of a 3-year meeting schedule; however that leads to two options for which no ‘winner’ was enshrined. In 2008 and 2011, the GCBB meetings are held on the continent opposite to that year’s ECFG or FGC. However, as there were some comments this year on the impact of diverse meetings on travel and time budgets, I’ll point out that the alternate option was to somehow dovetail the GCBB around the FGC and ECFG as a satellite meeting, making for a longer meeting set but saving some time and travel.

    There are pros and cons to these options; I’m comfortable either way as long as the size and quality of the basidiomycetes meetings remain at least as high as they have been this year. When more progress has been made regarding the overall organizing framework, I think it would be appropriate to take a formal poll on these (or other) options. The emergence of meetings on other continents would be another factor to consider in future.

    May we rely upon you to gather comments and distribute them in time to your aggregate list?


    15 Jul 2008, 13:06

  2. Francis Martin

    Dear All,

    The 1st Melampsora Genome Annotation Workshop will take place at INRA-Nancy (France) on August 20-21, 2008. The main aims of the workshop are (1) to establish the current status of the JGI project (i.e., BAC library and finishing sequencing, genetic map, whole-genome arrays, publications), (2) to bring together bioinformaticians and annotators of the consortium for discussing and comparing the data sets generated by whole genome analyses of the poplar leaf rust basidiomycete. BI’s from Jan Stenlid’s group working on the Heterobasidion genome project will join us. Representatives of the different basidio genome groups are welcome.

    The 1st Evoltree Glomus Genome Annotation Workshop will also take place at INRA-Nancy on September 16-17, 2008.

    Finally, the Tuber Genome Consortium will gather for its 3rd annotation workshop in Parma (Italy) on November 27-28, 2008.

    17 Aug 2008, 13:08

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