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December 05, 2010

PMA reflection

finally submit my PMA.

this is really a tough period for me. during my undergraduate period, i did accounting only done one essay during 3 yrs.

this is a big challenge for me to write 5000words with no writing experience even dont know how to put reference.

but classmates help a lot and paul's feedforward.

during idea exchange,,some misunderstanding was found.

and paul's feedforwad guide me to the right way to answer the question.

time management need to be improved.

congratulations to matter how good the pma is...i do make my effort.

December 01, 2010

leadership in EFQM

while doing the pma, a deeper understanding of the EFQM model is built.

leadership in this model is quite important, have relationships with every other enablers and results.

leaders have to built up strategy...leaders have to communicate with employees and make them involved, leaders have to negotiate with suppliers  and customers and maintain a sustanible partership, leaders have to manage resources rather than raising a waste. leaders should understand the process and make sure the organisation always on the way to achieve their objective

when leaders do these, they have to consider customers requirements, make a good deployment and execution of people stratetgy, build a good reputation and carry out the process relate to all these results.

leaders seems to be very busy and suffering a lot in this model..also, they have to improve themselves frequently.

not all people are born to be a leader...although experience is important, also need an ambition and cofident to be a good leader

November 30, 2010

brand effect

when talk about the continuous improvement, thinking about what enterprises are doing well and maintain in the market for long time, like Cocalola,nokia,hp etc, bud do any one metioned Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder..these luxury brands.

most of them starts from 20 centry, LV, Hermes, Chanel,GUCCI they all have a long industry life time at making bags, perfume, make ups. especially the handbags, they all very expensive, one hermes bag can equal to a car!

but why they exist? their price is expensive, and products do not innovated every year?

the effectness of brand! it is the most easiest way to make money from women...

during the economic cirsis,nearly all industry sales went down ,but the sale volume of Dior's lipstick kept increasing,even more than previous market figure.

rearch shows that women want to attract their husband or boyfriend, they make up to be sexy. especially when it comes to a difficulty time for their guys business.they may be upset or diappointed.

this stranges situation always happens in women's shoes,make ups, handbags , they run business depending on women's requirements, design products to be attractive for women.

women never be stingy to themselves.

maintain the market should know the characteristic of the market first.

leader or employee?

leaders and employees are both essential within an organisation.

which one is more important,i.e is more effective to drive the organisation?

from my point of view, leader is more important.

genius and talents are existing among empoyees, they may from the production line familiar with manufacturing skills,they may technical staff..but what happens if they were not positoned or talent ignored?

thats a huge waste to the organisation! even they may not statisfy with the team, and leave.

this need good leaders to guide them,listen to them.

one of my friend she is really a good worker, get into a company with huge passion, think she will do very good.

but after half an year,she quit. she said although it took one hour to go to the company every morning and have to over work everyday, it dosent matter because she love her job. but when time move on, she found the management system is terrible, most staff is unhappy with the company, sales went done and no bright future for that.

after i heard this, i believe that how a good leading team is important.

100 talent idea means nothing only when can be gathered!

November 29, 2010

main factors about continous improvement

before thinking the main factors about continuous improvement, we should know why we need to improve.

Obviously, nobody is perfect,same as the enterprise. The top companies still have problems no matter the size.

there's is no end to keep learning and improving.

externally, the business envrionment is changing everyday. if the organisation want to be sustainable in such a competitive market, it has to be continuously improved. maybe the advantage you achieve today will not maintaion tomorrow.

from previous days reading and learning, i think if an enterprise want to win, it has to have a HIT product.

especially the technology industry, it is easy to fail. an organisation should have a high quality product meet the market demands, and has its own feature.

secondly,an co-ordinated team is essential. maybe not the top managers but those production workers, knows what the real problems are. all team members should aim at the same goal and working in close collaboration.

thirdly, a cohesive internal envrionment is needed. chanllenge and competitive both exist. Qualified and talented people is most important source to the organisation, the outflow of these talents is really a waste to the organisation,and the organisation may not able to catch up with the dynamic market.

November 16, 2010

self improvement

working on PMA about continuous improvement.

EFQM model is an open mind tool can be used in different ways such as : holistic self-assessment, targeted self-assessment or buisness process assessment.

a foundamental principle associated with continuous improvement is 'the impetus for improving starts with  an open and honest recoginition of a situation or a process where there's a scope for improvement'

come to a thinking, if we want to improve ourself, the first step should be understanding who we are, but sometime we 'know' what our capability is, we wont make an effort to do something we think we can't achieve.

this 'well known' about myself is annoying because it makes me not that brave and not to try.

sometime know too much clear about the current situation will set back the improvement because the fear to lose.

people can achieve more successes when he can make a dream.

potentialities is exploited by having 'big heads'.

October 26, 2010

time management

last friday, walked out IT room, finished our last 2 reports, the first module is nearly done.

these last 2 days, we suffer a lot.time management is really important!!!

we shouldn't spend too much time on dicussing. better way is coming out some ideas,and put on the wiki not staff copy and paste from the internet.

another thing is that a leader is necessary. in our team, not a person really tend to be a leader give a plan and arrange the time. 

its really not good we work 10hrs or more before the deadline.

October 19, 2010


today i had first presentation in my master year. not that good but not bad.

"iso9000:2000 vs EFQM model"

some team have different comments on some parts. ofcouse this is a good situation.

standards are set by people, everyone may have different understanding.

like iso9000 is quite a globle certification, its standards are set in detail but the content is too common.

different organisation will have different understanding. is this a advantage or a disadvantage?

in our team opinion, introduce iso9000 is expensive,no matter the financial or nonfinancial resource, we need set up internal auditing firm, follow everything from the requirements.  but the other team think EFQM model is more expensive it need to set up new department to run through the process.

well,these all our conjecture, cant argue which is right. 

Theory is always different from the reality. but these study is really necessary because like for me if i do not have these projects to do i wont know so many model can be used for mgt until mabye i really get into an organisation. finding out the differences between theory and reality is an important step to success!

the benefits or weaknesses do not come from the model but cause by organisation itself!like the continuous improvement depend on the organisation whether they use the model to get the badge or really want to improve themselves.

last thing is communication.everyone has different character and advantage...working as a team i realize I should try to listen never think only idea of myself is right. need to improve!

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