February 07, 2011

who should be the leader?

very exciting to start with this module which I have been expected since the beginning of the course.

today we got a story of the lifeboat to pick up the leader who you would chose to rely on.

different people has different view, who should be the leader? in other way, what characteristics should a leader have?

from my thinking, a leader should be someone respected by all team members.

while looking through the information of the six people, everyone has different advantages and disadvantages.

no one is perfect and a leader will not be a perfect man. However, he/she can still guide the team to make the problem sorted out.

leaders can be someone who is good at moitivating people and allocating members appropriately to maxmise the value of output. the leader himself may not abtain specific skills, because once the group member has the ability, it is enough for sloving the problem in some situation.  however, it requires that the leader must take advantage of group members.

here comes to a question, if members of a team all have well knowledge background and experinced, Hierarchy concept is not allowed here.

for example, in investment banks, the employees are all obtaining strong skills, this one graduates from Oxford and that one graduates from Cambridge. only analyst, assoiciate, partner, senior partner and director exist and no manager.

so, who is the leader?  who should be the leader?

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  1. Nice and challenging entry, Miia.
    Your final example is very nice and I have some thoughts about it. It’s hard to say which graduate should be the leader however I believe there should be one, for two reasons:
    1. if one person is in charge of the performance, his commitment will be higher to finish the task. Otherwise people will keep passing the job from one to antoher resulting in waste and long lead time.
    2. even if we have a group where people know what to do, in the case of a life rescue task imagine if there is no leader people might carry out individually the same tasks without noticing actions of others. As we all know cooperation is one of the keys to success so there should be someone to manage the actions to achieve common goal (sounds familiar ;).
    But how to chooes a leader – sometimes it happenes by chance (current circumstances), sometimes by appointment from someone above us. However, knowing how to do it appropriately would be very beneficial, indeed.

    08 Feb 2011, 21:57

  2. you are definitely right, i agree with your comments.
    leader is necessary within a group, there always will be a person to be the best choice of being a leader while compare to others.
    Cooperation is important ,like Enland football team, David,Rooney,Lampard and Gerrard are all world top players. However during the wolrd cup, the cooperation between them was not that well and without the leading from David, they have not gone further than we expected.

    09 Feb 2011, 21:57

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