February 23, 2011

thinking about CSR

after today's presentation on CSR, something impressed me.

I heard of the concept of CSR when I was a undergraduate student, because not familiar with it and it is not something practical, I did not pay a lot attention to this concept, maybe just know that we will have exam questions on that.

however, thanks to this module, I had a deeper understanding of CSR, what it is,how it can be introduced to companies and how actually it benefits.

I realise in EU and UK,the government try to let young people be aware of the environment, think about the future of the earth in a serious manner. they embed this concept through education and business organisations do take actions according to CSR in practise.

what about China?

though Chinese economic has been booming up,is it in a sustainable way?

I really feel sad and fear for this.

In my hometown, there are countrysides around the city, the local government raise the economic through setting up chemical processing organisation or some other kind of processing organisation which is harmful to the environment. those companies are from EU or Japan, in their country, those contaminative factory are not allowed to set up. so they move these factories to China, and chinese government is willing to accept because they will bring in profit!!!  even those facory are lack of control and administration, people live around it start to have strange disease.

My hometown is a well developed city, just think about what is happening in those poor or not developed place, not only in China but around the world?

I always feel sad when I hear about such news.

how many people will do all things right? if have choice, how many people will chose to do the right things regardless of the cost?

in the future, I hope the Chinese organisation begin to aware of the importance of CSR and really start to do some thing. Education system should consider this as well, embed such concept into people's mind, start to effect the students, they are holding the revolution power of the society. Save the unhealthy development of Chinese society.

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  1. though Chinese economic has been booming up,is it in a sustainable way?

    Great question. . . . I am thinking of that a lot. My answer is unfortunately no. China has introduced products without high quality in low prices. This low prices derived by low wages. People will react if that continues. Due to the communist system there i do not know a lot because they do not allow information go out of the country but i think people already react.
    on the other hand there is the problem of CSR. China focused on short term profits. . . . No long term thinking. . . I hope for the people o China and all over the world that this will change.

    There is no business operating in a dead planet. . . .. . . So think in long term not in short term only

    23 Feb 2011, 23:51

  2. Hi Miia,

    really interesting reading about the bit you talk about the state of China and how the people are treated.

    @ Vagelis:
    I disagree with you in regard to the sustainability of the Chinese economy. They have already proved over the recent past how they are capable of adapting and changing. I certainly thing they will continue. One point which I do agree with you on is about people reacting to this treatment. Until I came here to Warwick, I always had a different view of people being suppressed in China due to the communist government. however most of my chinese friends say its not too bad at all. So if most people are not pushed to the breaking point, why would they react??

    24 Feb 2011, 03:22

  3. Thomas i have spoken with a lot of Chinese people and half of them say that it is ok other say we cannot stand it. A good Chinese friend told me it is different for people living in town an dpeople out of the town in villages. I do not know. . . .
    Regarding the sustainability i personaly do not believe that there is any sustainable economy in that world. . . .. .. Without caring for the society and the environment how can we speak for sustainability. . . . . . ?

    24 Feb 2011, 09:24

  4. Great discussion here.

    i think the situation in china is more or less same in Indonesia. people who work as politician and work in government only think about short term profit without thinking about the impact (direct and indirect) to society, people and environment. Perhaps, it probably because people who are buying the products/services don’t know about the social responsibilities concern. Nevertheless, thanks to internet and people who works in NGO who actively spreading information about CSR and now more and more people become aware about the impact of bad practice. i think, if more people aware about the environmental issue, it will influence others and eventually make this world a better home-soil in years to come.


    Just want to give an example how people react negatively by making social campaign using internet to fight against destructive company. Have a look this youtube video:

    as paul said, we are living in the situation where information is easy to access and no boundaries at all.

    24 Feb 2011, 19:17

  5. I agree with Vagelis that the situation is not sustainable in China. Of course as Thomas said there are changes and from the outside they seem to be going in the good (at least more positive) direction but it will take ages to make things up to EU/USA standard (especially in the rural areas) since China is so huge!
    Speaking of changes, I’ve got an example: in my company we have a partnership with a Chinese automotive company and a part of the venture is knowlegde transfer. Of course the level of manufacturing quality was lower than this in the UK but within last 4 or 5 months the level of quality improved by a figure that it took 3 years to achieve it in the UK (when it was previously developed), all of that because of the UK experience. In this regard things will go better in China as all of the main Chinese automotive manufacturesrs established connections with western comapnies.

    But again the problem will be in rural areas, especially when chemical industry is concerned. This is why it is sad to hear about how things are going over there. Concluding words – we have to change it

    24 Feb 2011, 22:58

  6. as Ponthy dicussed above, the goverment like in China and Indonesia those developing country,has most of their strategy on short term which deliver a great annual report regardless of the long term future.

    relate to the dicussion of Thomas, as I am a Chinese under modern edcuation, I wont say if i am an enthusiatic supporter of communist society or capitalist sociey. I believe both are not perfect, we just can say which is more suitable for the country. thanks to this socierty, I was living in a abundance family and has opportunity to study abroad. the goverment are doing good things,of course, people react for many things they disagree, as Carlos said. but, how the government respones to those voice from people are different.

    as time changes, standards of the government should be adapted,right?
    this must be changed. Economy wont come first in the future, energy and environment is most important. in the future, I hope when you see something ‘made in China’, you will treat it same as ‘made in Germany’

    25 Feb 2011, 00:05

  7. Why a debate betweeen Communism and Capitalism. I hate both of them….. Isn’t there any other solution??

    25 Feb 2011, 09:25

  8. Lol Vagelis! Nope, you got a better idea?

    Miia, I know Edelen has a great journal article about sustainability in China that she is using for her project. If you want to know more, ask her for it. I think China (and India) in particular has a huge role to play in what happens to the global climate in the next 30 years, so I really hope awareness of sustainability gains some traction with the leaders there, if it hasn’t started to already.

    25 Feb 2011, 17:40

  9. Yanik this is really a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee discussion.

    i think there is the excellence way….......... Deming way….............. ahahah! Just thing SoPK and you will see the world in a different perspective. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    By the way i think that the best system among that idiotics that we know is Social-Democracy…... Center-Left political views….......

    25 Feb 2011, 17:43

  10. Haha I know, I was only teasing you…:P You’re right though. Maybe they should teach SOPK to nursery/primary school kids. I’m sure there is a simple way to say a lot of it, most of the themes are not hard. Then, maybe everybody would behave better throughout their lives, and we wouldn’t have quite so many problems in the world.

    25 Feb 2011, 17:47

  11. I know that you know my answer…....... Your blog regarding kids made me think of a phrase of one anarchist mucisian back in Greece. The song says:

    You forget your mother that was crying by pain to bring you in the world
    And now that you have been old you just rule other people…..............

    In Greek is much more better but still this is the point. The system transform people created/born in the same way into enemies…................ Go to hell idiot system

    25 Feb 2011, 17:54

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