February 12, 2011

Culture barriers

Yesterday we had a discussion on the leadership in western country and eastern country.

of couse because of the culture background, the way a leader behave in an organisation is different.

people in western country have a strong awareness of holiday and break. though the wages for over work is high, they do not want to spend their life in hard working and no break. However, Chinese people born at a hard working spirit? i dont think so, due to the high population, it is a creer war, a rat race. like KPMG or PWC, the world big four accounting firm, the treatments of employee are quite different. in China, you can never get out the office until 12 o'clock in midnight, this is your job and you have to finish it, manager only cares about the result you've done not the effort you put in.

you will say its unfair,yes it is. but if you do not want to do it, a long queue outside is waiting to take over your job. if you want to earn your life, keep doing it, though in an unfair way. Actually, in such circumstances, no dead working worker. leaders use their position power their employee and get job well done.

compare to western countries, may be come to company at 9am,10am have a tea break, 11:30am have lunch, 2pm a tea break angain, 5pm finish work. policy for preventing firing people and redundancy, in such circumstance, i believe more dead working workers will come out. leaders here will swith to those to other department or make them know you are not suitable for this job. however, in this working environment, how can you expect they will behave better in other department or at another job?

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  1. “in China, you can never get out the office until 12 o’clock in midnight, this is your job and you have to finish it, manager only cares about the result you’ve done not the effort you put in” – Miia, did you mean that in China at work, you have so much to do that no matter your efficiency you’ll end up sitting till 12 o’clock or the manager does not care about your output and you have to ‘work’ till late anyway?
    Sorry, I didn’t get it but I’d like to understand your point.

    12 Feb 2011, 18:37

  2. this is the situation about the big four accounting firms, especially the auditing department,not all chinese companies are like that.
    too much work to do, managers want work to be done and they care about the output. however, the work you have to do is too much and you have to work overtime all the time. if you want to finish early, enhance your efficiency, its your business if your efficiency is low and you have to take the responsibility.
    one of my friends he is working at auditing department in KPMG, he says that he can not get out of the company until 12 especially when there are many cases to finish…obviously, you do not have to work till late if you have nothing to do…

    16 Feb 2011, 17:15

  3. Thx mate, for making it clear.
    So is this a problem purely with staff shortage or with a work balance between colleagues as well?
    Anyway it is not the best enviornment to work in :/

    16 Feb 2011, 18:52

  4. i think it’s a vicious circle.
    becauseof such heavy work suffering, many employees quit every year, they go to there just for working experience, maybe after two years when they got experience, they switch to other firms. Honestly, many years ago, it is very hard to get into big 4,the employing level is high. and it will be easier to find another similar job if you have the experience in big 4 because every one think big 4 are very good firms.

    however, because of the problem with employee maintenance, they have to hire many graduates every year, even your major is nothing to do with accounting, you will be hired. occupation of working environment is bad.
    they hired a lot of graduates, KPMG in Shanghai hired 300 in 2010 while in London just 100, but most of them have the idea to stay there over 3 or more years….

    16 Feb 2011, 21:24

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