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November 29, 2010

taguchi examples

Roger's presentation provide a great experimental understanding to taguchi method.

he showed the sample of a warhead and how to use taguchi method to make the lip match the filling.

pointed out what control factors are, like header too design, pot design, bitumen height, cooling in cone,

and then carry out experimental results like the day we did helicopter exercise.

different consequences give different answers, this way provides all possible situation to find out what the best results and the resluts fall in to the limitation.

the noise ratio measure the robustness of the system. noise factors are those variables which infulence the system but cant be controlled by designer. customer usage conditions, wear states or manufacturing process variation may be too expensive or impossible to control, but we have to consider them when make a product.

maybe in theory ,taguchi method is not special, means just gather the other management theroy,

but in practice, it's really usefull, as least it can find out unstable factors correctly and ananlyse the noise factors.

main factors about continous improvement

before thinking the main factors about continuous improvement, we should know why we need to improve.

Obviously, nobody is perfect,same as the enterprise. The top companies still have problems no matter the size.

there's is no end to keep learning and improving.

externally, the business envrionment is changing everyday. if the organisation want to be sustainable in such a competitive market, it has to be continuously improved. maybe the advantage you achieve today will not maintaion tomorrow.

from previous days reading and learning, i think if an enterprise want to win, it has to have a HIT product.

especially the technology industry, it is easy to fail. an organisation should have a high quality product meet the market demands, and has its own feature.

secondly,an co-ordinated team is essential. maybe not the top managers but those production workers, knows what the real problems are. all team members should aim at the same goal and working in close collaboration.

thirdly, a cohesive internal envrionment is needed. chanllenge and competitive both exist. Qualified and talented people is most important source to the organisation, the outflow of these talents is really a waste to the organisation,and the organisation may not able to catch up with the dynamic market.

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