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February 23, 2011

thinking about CSR

after today's presentation on CSR, something impressed me.

I heard of the concept of CSR when I was a undergraduate student, because not familiar with it and it is not something practical, I did not pay a lot attention to this concept, maybe just know that we will have exam questions on that.

however, thanks to this module, I had a deeper understanding of CSR, what it is,how it can be introduced to companies and how actually it benefits.

I realise in EU and UK,the government try to let young people be aware of the environment, think about the future of the earth in a serious manner. they embed this concept through education and business organisations do take actions according to CSR in practise.

what about China?

though Chinese economic has been booming up,is it in a sustainable way?

I really feel sad and fear for this.

In my hometown, there are countrysides around the city, the local government raise the economic through setting up chemical processing organisation or some other kind of processing organisation which is harmful to the environment. those companies are from EU or Japan, in their country, those contaminative factory are not allowed to set up. so they move these factories to China, and chinese government is willing to accept because they will bring in profit!!!  even those facory are lack of control and administration, people live around it start to have strange disease.

My hometown is a well developed city, just think about what is happening in those poor or not developed place, not only in China but around the world?

I always feel sad when I hear about such news.

how many people will do all things right? if have choice, how many people will chose to do the right things regardless of the cost?

in the future, I hope the Chinese organisation begin to aware of the importance of CSR and really start to do some thing. Education system should consider this as well, embed such concept into people's mind, start to effect the students, they are holding the revolution power of the society. Save the unhealthy development of Chinese society.

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