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February 19, 2011

Apply medicine according to indications

firing can not actually solve the problem, organisation should do something make the employees 'hide' their personalities.

leaders should strict their own behaviours firstly because they always be seen as an example in the organisation. leaders' behaviour will influence the employees, if the leader himself can not obey the rules or principles, how can those followers do?

the organisation should run business legally. it happens when employees know the scandal of their boss, they will become 'take over control'.

as metioned before, principles and rules are needed. During the intial training process, let the employees know what they must not do and basic principles of the organisation. if they do not agree with it, the organisation may consider whether ot employ him or not.

increase the employee satisfaction of the organisation is also important. if the employee feel happy when work in this organisation, he will be willing to stay for long time. because of this, he will make his effort and 'hide' his strong personality to adapt to the organisation. this depends on how leaders treat their employee.

leaders should develop a healty enterprise culture. empowerment is essential. when all employees have a share goal, they can make effort toward it through good cooperation. leaders should consider how to let those employee with strong personality cooperate with others. A positive enterprise culture will work better than principles.

control strong personality?

I believe everyone has strong personality and has potential to be a leader, however, some people will unfold their personalities some will not.

before we think about how to manage those ones with strong personality, we should think about why they unfold their personalities.

some employees are proud and haught because of their abilities and outstanding achievement. Maybe they have a better place to go even get fired. therefore, they become hard to be managed.

some problems caused by employer or leaders. there always exists problems between employer and employee because they look into problems on different sides. if a leader can not solve a prolem in an effective way, the conficts will exist or even get worse until the relationship of employee and employer finish.

however, employees will be working dead or unfold their negative personality because of that they lose confidence of the enterprise. they think the company do not need them or the enterprise cannot make contribution to either society or itself, they do not care stay or not.  they will become never care about their behavior. lacking positive enterprise culture or well management system or the power of leadership dose not work will cause this kink of problem.

in my opinion, the personality of employee can be 'flexible'. they need principles or guidelines. An enterprise can not run business without principles. employees should know what should be done and what must not be done, they at least know the basic principles. After that, they will restrain themselves somehow.

if the leader want to employee respect him, he should show the esteem first. some employees never stay for working over time even they can not finish their job within standard time. leaders should not blame them without understanding the fact. leaders should care about their employee, show the esteem and solicitude to their employees first.

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